Saturday, 11 January 2014

My year of books

I love reading, I never used to as a kid, but then I went to University and despite doing a science degree, I found all my friends in the Arts and English depts. Their influence on me was profound enough to start a little flame deep inside of me and I am eternally grateful to them for this beautiful relationship I have with books and literature.

I go through phases when I don't feel inspired to read fiction and can only concentrate on a magazine or newspaper article and then I go through a gluttonous phase of never getting enough of reading fiction. This year I want to make a concerted effort to read more, both fiction and non fiction. I love poetry and children's books too, so there will of course be a place for them as I embark on Laura's great idea of "the year in books".

My first read is Donna Tartt's, The Little Friend which I am loving, it's a bit of a page turner and I am almost stalling on reading it as I don't want it to finish. Does that ever happen to you?

So, I hope to share my little year of books here on my blog and if you fancy joining in visit Laura's blog to find out more. In the mean time I'll leave with you of some of the images from my day on our seafront. Wasn't the sun delicious?

Last, but not least some fun choosing colours (always accompanied by tea of course) for my floral decorations to be sewn onto my covered wooden hangers, I shall show you very soon.

I hope you are all having a good weekend and that the sun has shone on you too


See you soon



  1. Hello Penny I too love to read and like you attempting to read more than last year.
    Thank you for the link to Laura's blog.

  2. I look foward to your year in books Penny! You have a lovely collection of old books there, I love the covers that old books like that have, so pretty! The seaside pictures are beautiful, so lovely to see the blue sky again!!! xx

  3. I've been a bibliophile since my mum signed me in at our library at age 4. I literally cannot be without a book - I get tetchy and don't know what to do with myself. Quite happy to re-read old favourites, and have an eclectic taste. I have a `kindle but love the feel and smell of a real book in my hands. I will be checking out your link to Laura's blog for sure. Oh, and love your sunshiney photo - we have has similar weather here too! Lx

  4. Blue skies! We had them here too. They are good for one's health, I am sure of it.

    I saw Laura's post too and it caught my eye. I don't read enough any more, unless you count cookery books, magazines and blogs. I want to try harder this year and I look forward to seeing what you read. I read both The Little Friend and The Secret History some years ago and I thought they were both outstanding. I haven't yet read The Goldfinch but I did listen to an excellent adaptation of it on Radio 4 recently. x

  5. Is that bexhill?
    wow blue blue blue I always think the sky is bluer near the coast!
    checking out lauras link now...think Imight join in ?
    d x

  6. Yes Miss. Daisy, it's Bexhill-on-sea x come and join in the year of books, it's going to be a good 'un x

  7. I am joining in with Laura too for #theyearinbooks ... I'm excited to spend some time reading again ... life took over and reading fell by the wayside ... I'm determined to claim some me time for books ... looking forward to it all ... your photos are beautiful ... Bee xx

  8. I started reading books last year and hope to build on it this year....I never really know what to pick when I go to the library with the boys. I picked one up on Thursday that I'm 2/3 through, which is impressive for me as I'm normally falling asleep at bedtime with my book on my face!
    Love your blue sky pics, we had a good day too out walking in the woods with the dogs and a picnic, what could be better. For a minute I thought you'd taken your tea pot and cup to the beach!

  9. Hi Penny! I was excited when I saw that first image (I have a few of the books on the right of the picture - not the same titles but the same gorgeous cover paper. It's what made me buy them).
    My reading tastes vary wildly from blogs to magazines, children's fiction, classics, and yes, even the odd self-help tome. Like you, it all depends on my mood.
    I hope you enjoy the Year in Books.
    Sarah x

  10. I love your bookshelf! The year of books sounds a wonderful idea, I'm off to find out about it. Hope you are still enjoying the sunshine..x

  11. I look for to following you're year of books. fab pictures too the books at the top are so beautiful.
    Clare x

  12. A year in books sounds wonderful. I just finished one this wek that I did not care for a bit, it was for a book club I have joined, thank goodness it was not very long.
    Hugs to you Penny.

  13. I totally agree about stalling with a book, I'm not ready to let go yet! I read The Secret History, The Little Friend, and I'm less than 100 pages from finishing The Goldfinch, which is massive but totally compelling! Blue skies and a good book - perfect recipe for a very happy weekend! Chrissie x

  14. Thanks so much for joining in with me, Penny. I read The Little Friend a few years ago, I think that I might have to go for The Goldfinch next, it seems to come highly recommended. Laura

  15. I love this idea as books form a great part of my life, but often not great enough as I want to spend time crafting instead. Last year it was my new years resolution to read a book a month and it went ok, but I didn't always manage. This year I will just try and enjoy reading rather than put an expectation there for myself, but I like the idea that you all join in. This looks like a great read and yes I often read books where you just want to devour it, but then there is that little part of you that just want to savour it so it never ends. The sign of a good book! Enjoy xoxo

  16. I recognise this place! Bexhill-on-Sea! I hope you had a good day. Nothing better than a day by the sea, is there! Elinor x Beachhutcook

  17. Hi Penny I am new to your blog, found it via Daisy and hope you don't mind but I have put you as one of my favourites, just love your posts. Lots of love