Wednesday 1 September 2010

And now for some knitting

Hello everyone! Today is the last day of my annual leave for the summer and it's back to work for me and school for Alice. Still can't believe our baby will soon be 10 and in year 5 at school, where on earth have these years gone? The scary thing is that I tend to concentrate on her so much that I forget that I too am aging !!!

Having Alice is like reliving my childhood again, all her imagination, thoughts and finding out what matters in life, it truly is a miracle and amazing to be part of. Can you tell that I am missing her? She slept over at a friend's last night and is due back very soon, sometimes it's nice to have the "free" time but usually I feel a little bare/naked almost without her near, that first snuggle up and kiss in the morning has no price attached to it.

Anyway, while my little girl has been away I have been down to my LYS, Wa wa wool and discovered a super summer sale. I went with no purpose but came away with one. Does that ever happen to you? A sense of excited frenzy and not knowing where to start in the shop, all that yarn, colours and temptation and then a groaning purse looking rather empty as you leave?

Well my purpose evloved with the help of Lelsley who works in the shop occasionally, she helped me FOCUS on the purpose of knitting myself a cardigan for the autumn.

Thank you Lesley, I am so pleased to not come away with a rainbow of colours and no real project in mind. So I am putting down 1 needle for 2 for the time being and hey ho it's ADDICTIVE ...  and exciting to knit again. This is most defnitely not to say no hooky time, oh no, it just means that when I need a slight change from knitting my cardy, I can hook up a quick and easy something for that finished satisfaction feeling, something that crocheting does for me. Knitting as you know takes that much more longer and PATIENCE, something my creative crazy mind can severly lack at times.

Well enough chatter, here are some pics of my pleasures...

Here is the book from Wa wa wools library with the cardy pattern, it's well written with a list of abbrevaitions, and what I would say is a beginner pattern for the likes of me as a newby to the world of knitting.

Here is the cardy I plan to knit

I like the pretty dull pink of this cardy but think it will make me look washed out, so I found myself magnetising towards one of my favourites, a deep blue. Wa wa wool sells lots of Debbie Bliss yarns which are super scrumptious to feel and knit with but can be a bit on the pricey side, so a summer sale was the best time ot indulge in 11 balls of this...

So silky with the cashmere in it, it simply slips off the needles when knitting with it, making the addiction more intense!

I decided to start on the front left panel , I am not sure why, I think I decided the back was just tooooooooo many stitches to cast on and it would take aaaaaaaaages to see beyond the border of moss stitch. Oh dear am I revealing my lack of patience again? Do you see the gorgeous plate with 2 lemons on? One more of our many purchases in Marrakech, a fruit plate or big enough for salads and couscous maybe?

Want to have a closer look ? Andy sure did good with all that haggling!

So I am off to knit my way into the afternoon in the sunshine with Alice on the beach and will not be thinking of all the organising and packed lunches I need to do for tomorrow. Oh yes, I forgot I have my monthly bookclub to go to tonight where we will be discussing this book:-

It's something I would never have chosen for myself , a bit of a sci-fi novel, but I guess that's the joy of our "out of the hat" bookclub where we all put names of books we would like to read and one gets pulled out the hat each month.  Hope one of my books pops up soon.

So cheerio for now, I'll leave you with a couple of images which Alice took over the last few days
Happy days to all xox



  1. A wool sale would have me in a frenzy!
    I love that Debbie Bliss cashmerino, in fact I made my birthday hat from it in the saem colour! Lucky you!
    Ssssh... it retails at $16.95/ball here in much is it there?
    HAve a lovely week!

  2. Love that blue, ADORE the plate! Alice was obviously having an Andy Goldsworthy moment! Penny x