Monday 27 September 2010

My girl is 10

Hello there, it feels like it's been a while since I posted anything but we have been oh so very very busy with the business of my lovely Alice's tenth birthday yesterday.

 We went out for pizza with 2 of her girlie friends on friday night then daddy took her to a football match in Brighton after ballet on saturday.
 Mr. A and I went to see a fabulous newish band on saturday night called Little Dragon in Brighton {who were superb by the way} and then the whole of yesterday was spent celebrating her birthday with family, tea and cake and more family and tea and cake. We are all caked out !

There were some pressies of course... I LOVE the gorgeous Belle and Boo stationery {have a look at their work it's a real delight}, it's so beautiful and so nostalgic of the innocence of childhood. Some of Alice's gifts were wrapped in their beautiful gift wrap.

We have always had Alice's birthday in our own home and it was strange waking up in Granny's home on sunday. I needed to make it feel a little like home and so I made this little birthday garland for Alice and stuck it up on Granny's fireplace, which she loved. I found a pack of very old cards which must of belonged to a card game of sorts and got lost from the rest of their pack and managed to find most of the letters I needed. I must look into which card game it is, I like word creating games.

and then there was cake ;o)

Alice thinks this photo is rather funny as she looks overwhelmed with which candles to blow out first. I told you there was cake and even more cake came in the afternoon xox
It was a fabulous day and she was so sweet and tired last night. My heart felt a little sore at seeing my girl growing up so quickly, I celebrate her every day.

And as for me time this weekend? I managed to sqeeeeeze in some knitting in a chilled out Brighton cafe whilst my two loved ones were watching Brighton and Hove Albion football, yes I have decided to take the plunge and have taught myself to do fairisle! I'm not sure if I am doing it correctly but it sure looks ok {and it's addictive} and soooo exciting to see it emerging. My first project is a beanie hat for a christmas pressie, watch this space for some photos very soon. Thanks for popping by and see you all soon......xox


  1. Happy Birthday to Alice! I remember turning double digits, such an exciting time!
    What a great fun birthday weekend... might as well make it a festival!
    So fair isle huh? What happened to the Debbie Bliss cardigan??? ;) tee hee

  2. You are right Alice, it's like a festival / carnival in our home cards start arriving 10 days before and continue till after the 26th! In between we must celebrate, party, eat cake and have very little sleep with all the excitement!

    Now, the answer to your Q is that guess what ? boredom set in and I knitted the back and the front left side and jeepers I got knitting and mono-colour fatigue! so i used the lovely blue plus many more colours to make fair isle, aaahhh thats better. Last night it chhanged from beanie to tea cosy ! watch this space ;o) xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to Alice. WoW you sound like me with each birthday they pass. Yikes, they grow up too quickly. I keep hunting for that brick to put on their heads, but it's not working. lol. Looking forward to seeing your creations soon.

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to Alice. Wow, those cakes!! and her presents look so beautiful in that wrapping.
    (The card game is Lexicon - one of my faves I'm a monster at it)

  5. Wow 10! Happy Birthday to Alice, she is a sweetie! Belle and Boo's statioery is fabulous, did you buy it locally? I'm heading your way in a couple of weeks! Penny x

  6. fair enough... same colour things can get very tedious!
    looking forward to seeing your beanie/ tea cozy... or something else???!!!! he he he