Wednesday 15 September 2010

Hooray it's a Give Away !

Hello all you lovely people. Hope this mid-week is treating you just fine? Well, I can hardly contain my joy and thrills at finding out I now have 11 followers! Now don't get me wrong, my happiness does not depend on the kindness of strangers and my identity is not written in how many people dip in to read my ramblings.... BUT it's SUCH FUN seeing the number going up. Really puts a smile in my heart ;o)

The honest truth of the matter is that I was going to do a fun give away when I got to 10 followers but the number jumped from 9 to 11 within the last 24 hours so now this is my 11th hour give away to celebrate all of our lives and to give me the happiness of sending a little parcel of goodies to a new found friend.

So here is a picture of what could come your way....

and another slightly more clear picture on our floor, my good old trusty "photo shooting studio"

As you can see my give away has the following :

1 Avoca rose tea towel, 1 patterned stamp, 6 dolly pegs, a pack of 4 ceramic and 4 vintage pink buttons I love to collect, 1 ball of 100% cotton for crocheting/knitting face cloths, 1 Love badge, 1 sample of white cotton lace for possibly sewing onto a border, 1 sweet card painted by local artist Claire Fletcher (she paints heavenly vintage canvases and furniture) and last but not least 1 vintage embroidered tray cloth for tea time! I always need a lovely cuppa x

It's a bit of a pink/purple theme going on there, Hmmm maybe I am more of a girly girl than what  I thought. All of the above lovely bits have come out of "The Bag" in the attic. Have you got one of those? Where you pick up bits and bobs in charity shops, sales and country fairs? Always good if you accidently have fogotten to buy a gift for someone xox The best thing is that these add up to soooooo much less than what they would of cost at full price. Oh happiness x

I will draw a name from the the list of Lovely people in 1 week's time ie. 22 September 2010 and announce it here. To enter please feel free to "follow me" and then after the winner is drawn I will ask you to email me your address. 

Thank you ever so much for havng fun with me xox


  1. I'd love to be in your giveaway - thanks for offering. :)

  2. What a gorgeous giveaway please could I enter too?! I am hosting one too if you stop by. Would you like me to add your pic to my sidebar so more frinds will see it?
    Happy blogging!
    Deb x

  3. Count me and and stop by to enter some of the low entry giveaways I'm featuring on my blog when you get a moment.

  4. That's a really gorgeous giveaway. Thank you for dipping into 'The Bag'. I have a drawer for the same purpose - trouble is I forget what's in there and end up buying pressies in a panic then realising I had the perfect gift all along.

  5. oh I love your little giveaway, thank you. *nodding head*, totally agree on 'the bag' which is also 'the tub' and a 'sort it later draw'. Have a lovely day, and may your followers grow to many. lol.

  6. Nice giveaway! Congrats on reaching 12 now!

  7. ooh, what a cool prize!
    Alas I am not a follower... I have no google know-how and am not savvy with the following bizzo so I shall watch with envy!!!
    Lovely prizes though, what a gorgeous package! And yay for all your followers!

  8. What a beautiful giveaway. It's nice when your followers increase! Clare x

  9. Oh no, I've just realised that I simply cannot exclude you Alice and and some other lovely ladies who send me messages but do not necessarily "follow" me, so there has been a CHANGE of entry into the draw rules... included names are those lovelies who have put me on their blog roll ! Perfect xox

  10. Hello! Lovely giveaway! I have followed your blog but hadn't sign in yet (sorry I'm still new here). I love the colours you use!
    Best Wishes from Crete Teje

  11. Can I be entered too, please.

  12. Fabbo!
    I'm in!
    *sigh* I hope I win tee hee
    p.s does raymond get his own separate entry???
    ha ha ha

  13. Hello Penelope

    Lovely to meet you in bLOG LAND...YOU have a LOVEly blog. Thank's for entering the CK giveaway just to confirm your name has been entered into the drawer.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Good Luck!

    P.S. Please may I enter your lovely giveaway too and I am now a follower x

  14. Wow! I nearly missed this and I don't know how!
    Please put me in the draw, it all looks lovely. I don't know if I'm an official follower yet. If not I will sort it immediately! Penny xxx

  15. I think I might have just scraped in before the deadline! What a generous giveaway, lovely things you're giving. Love Vanessa xxx

  16. Pants, I've found your blog too late to enter your generous giveaway, oh the photo in your banner!
    Ali x