Monday, 6 September 2010

A room of one's own

Hello to all my lovely blog land friends, it's good to be feeling human again after a rather horrid head cold and chest. Thank you for all your kind words and well wishes. I think I slept most of saturday and sunday away and found myself feeling better by yesterday evening and managed to make it into work today feeling ready for the week ahead.

I am not sure about you but sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with all there is to do and my creative head space is constantly buzzing all the time. There are times when I lie in bed tossing and turning, planning and bursting with ideas and inspiration that it can seriously drive me silly at times.

Well, I decided to be sensible and to start keeping a note book of these ideas and it's helped, thank goodness as I can now plan and prioritise what, how and when I am going to knit, crochet, sew and make IN AMONGST being mum, working 30 hours a week and spending time with my beloved. And having a little "me" time with my girlie friends.... oooohh it's a crazy but very happy juggling act of a life as I am sure you will agree about yours.

Now, enough of me bumbling on, the purpose of this post is to say that the lounge felt rather overwhelmed with my yarn, needles, WIP's and other bits and bobs this weekend ... it was under the coffee table

on a chair...

In amongst some of Andy's records...

On the coffee table...

And another...

Oh dear...

and so feeling better yesterday evening I felt like doing something about it , a kind of autumn "sort out" , which is what I did and was kindly and ever so gently reminded by Mr. A that he did make me a "room of my own" last year which Alice and I call the snug which is a snuggly partially converted loft space where I do all my sewing and storing of vintage and contemporary fabrics as well as a place to chill out in on soft cushions and patchwork blankets where reading, knitting/crochet, chatting and drinking tea and listening to records happens. Alice has her own space in the snug where she paints, doodles and creates allsorts.

It truly is a fab place which I think we kind of forgot about for a couple of reasons; it's been hot in May/june/july here and so the loft can be a bit of a sauna and I have to admit I kind of forgot about (don't tell Mr.A !) as it's so novel and pleasurable to have a creative room of my own that it's almost too good to be true.

Virginia Woolfe said that all women need a room of their own and oh my goodness, she is a woman after my own heart xox What do you think ? Do your creative bits and bobs infest all corners ? Let's see how long I can prevent mine creeping down at night times ;o)

Finally I will leave you with a joy from my potted garden ( the scent from these flowers was remarkable)

and a picture of my finished blankie with shell stitching...


Thanks for visiting x


  1. Fab! I love your snug! When my partner starts complaining about the crafty mess I leave everywhere, I threaten to move my craftiness into the spare room tee hee if I did she would never see me...
    your lillies are lovely, my absoloute fave flower in the world in fact

  2. The infestation got so bad we had to build a studio in the garden for me so that we could actually sit down in the house itself! Those photos could have been of my own house! Penny x