Wednesday 8 September 2010

Love is...

Hello again ! 

Mr. A has gone away on business to Cornwall for 2 nights yesterday, soooooo Alice and I are having 2 girlie nights in, eating delicious veggie food and pizza! double portions of pudding and watching DVD's xox Sometimes I like time on my own and so I am just sharing a slice of me wallowing in it while Mr. A is away. This is what Love is/was last night...

Sewing Allypops a little skirt with the fabric she chose, I think a line of ric rac would look fab but she is not convinced

Picking flowers from the potted garden and just enjoying them before the rain came

Reading my new book club book (I read this about 15 years ago when I went through a bit of a feminist period and am excited to re-read it again, I adore Margaret Atwood's novels)

Siping on this, don't you just love the Clipper packaging ? I love this purple, delish.

Making dinner from this new recipe book, Rose you are a Veggie Goddess ;o)

Not worrying too much about this...

Appreciating another one of our purchases from Marrakesh 

and a stunning piece sent to me by my most favourite friend in South Africa which she made with her fine hands

and last but not least absolutely loving writing a good old fashioned letter with my new and super stunning ink cartridge pen which is the best I have ever come across.

I had one of these years ago that a fine art student friend gave to me and oh boy did I love it but then some nasty little person nicked it. It's been years since I have had the joy of using one of these Rotring pens, sheer velvet when you write and I am an old fashioned kind of gal and just LOVE ink on paper. This little baby cost me £14.60 ! from our local art shop. Lets hope no-one decides to nick it again. If you love ink pens like me, you simply must give this variety a twirl, you won't look back xox

and tonight I will be indulging in a bit more of this business of hooky which I started last night as I needed a break from knitting my cardigan (using once colour was freakng me out a bit!) and this materialised thanks to the very clever and inspiring Alice  who has a fabulous blog of all things hooky which is full of patterns of sheer delight, this is her latest called a "Grandala"

A little bit closer

Watch this space for my completed cushion. Thanks for popping over xox


  1. That all looks like girly fun! I love the little skirt. Since my daughter grew up everyone in the family has produced boys and I'm desperate for an excuse to make something sweet and flowery! Penny x

  2. fab!!! So many lovely things too look at, I can't even remember the beginning of your post!
    your grandala's look gorgeously madala-licious! Loving the colours, hurry, finish it quick so we can all enjoy!
    Have a lovely weekend