Friday 3 September 2010


I have been so well over the summer, managed to enjoy all my holiday's and break from work and now find myself lumped with a "seasonal change" head cold, which is horrid to say the least. I am the world's worst patient and do not appreciate having to slow down!

Anyway, being forced to lye in bed with radio 4, lemsip and anti-inflammatory pills, my knitting and the net isn't too much of a hard life....

I found this fab pic on google images which cheered me up :o) as I love the 1940's and am REALLY into my knitting at the moment.

I have been reading  a little about the history of knitting and came across this quote:

"The word is derived from knot, thought to originate from the Dutch verb knutten, which is similar to the Old English cnyttan, to knot. Its origins lie in the basic human need for clothing for protection against the elements."

and during the 2nd World War:

"Make do and mend was the title of a booklet produced by the British wartime government department, the Ministry of Information. Wool was in very short supply, and the booklet encouraged women to unpick old unwearable woollen items in order to re-use the wool"

A lovely friend of mine bought me a re-published version of the Make do and mend book last Christmas and I am really enjoying reading it in bed today.

Sometimes one gets sick for a reason!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone xox 


  1. Oh poor you! Having just got over a cold myself I can sympathise. Still, an excuse to knit is good! Get well soon, Penny x

  2. Get well soon! Although staying in bed and knitting does sound good? x

  3. Thanks Penny and Jane xox it's 12.30 saturday pm and I've just managed to get up! Can you tell that I'm not a happy bunny?