Monday 13 September 2010

Please can we have 3 day weekends?

Greetings lovely people!

Where oh where does the weekend go? We have had a lovely relaxing, family weekend in the countryside picking blackberries to make apple and blackberry pie and a couple of jars of jam too, having italian ice-cream at our sea side and progressing with knitting my cardigan and hooking my little "grandala" squares for a cushion on the sofa.

Two little fun purchases came my way (more like I couldn't kind of resist them...), first this little brooch which makes me feel nautical, sea-breezy and happy in a sort of tinker tailor, soldier , sailor way.

So I thought I might share it with you, I bought it in a lovely shop McCarrons of Mercatoria found in Norman Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea. It's a delicious shop full of goodies which are often handmade and local!, they also have an art gallery and  serve tea and cake :o)

Me thinks I shall wear it on a care free cycling day at the sea side day ...

And then, I simply could not RESIST this beautiful Lea Stein cat brooch from Lily Rose, a stunning vintage and retro shop in my town. The lovely Julia who owns Lily Rose sells my vintage fabric bunting I make and button hair slides amongst other bits and bobs I produce from our snug. Soooo instead of accepting her latest cheque for me I did a swopsie (hee hee) for this litte beauty. Hope you enjoy...

Lea Stein is an incredible lady and designed  these between 1969 - 1981, you can see more of her beauties here. I certainly will enjoy wearing this brooch this winter. I personally think we should all wear more badges and brooches, the more interesting the better. I think I ought to do a post on some of the brooches I have collected over the years, maybe sometime soon.

The weekend allowed time for work (as in me facillitating Alice's homework!) and some relaxation from this magazine, the 1 and only that I subscribe to. I love the "plop" sound it makes on the door mat when the postman delivers it and nobody, yes NOBODY is allowed to or dares to for that matter open it before me! It's my one and only selfish mummy thingy I've developed and I don't feel I need to justify it ;o)

Ooooo how I love tis magazine, it warms the cockles of my heart and is ever so inspiring.

I also stumbled apon these which I forgot I had stashed away back in the spring (oops) and so I think they will be next on the agenda. I think I was thinking Cath Kidston kind of colours when I bought these or maybe not. Never mind I am sure they will make someone a lovely hooky blankie.

I simply neeeeed the weekends to be 3 days ....

Anyway I shall leave you with a little quote I found for Alice which I wanted her to read and remember as she was getting quite frustrated with herself whilst doing a little water colour painting of a lighthouse. I like it and hope you do too xox

Hope you all have a sunny September week x 


  1. yay for long weekends and bartering! It doesn't count as spending if no money was actually seen!

  2. oh I vote for 3 day weekends. School is so busy 4 days of the week is more than enough me thinks. I love the colours of your yarn that you found too. they will certainly make a cosy blanket.

  3. Tht quote is just asking to be embroidered on a cushion! Penny x