Thursday, 27 October 2011

Happy days

Ooooh look what I got in the post yesterday. My give away win from the lovely Jules's blog Little Woollie, I was wracking my brain when I collected the parcel from the post office yesterday, thinking who on earth do I know in Australia other then one of my cousins who lives in Melbourne. It was a fabulous surprise when I put two and two together and realised it was my gorgeous cushion cover and the ever generous Jules popped in one of her famous pin cushions for good measure, how generous! I love it Jules and thank you so much, I've never won very much in my 41 years but this is now the second win since blogging over a year ago, all down to the fabulous generosity and good will of crafty bloggers... yes that's YOU xox Thank you xox

Today is my link up with Penny from Planet Penny's blog on reasons to be cheerful as the winter approaches... So here are my reasons for today (I always have millions of reasons to be grateful and humble about but these are 3 little things today :0)

Having the day a few days off work and spending time just stopping to day dream and revel in the joy of my geraniums still blooming at this time of year.

Alice's 3 day mid-term Andy Warhol experience at the De La Warr

And last but not least...

The joy of Alice receiving ad writing to her two penpals, Elise in Belgium and Mathilda in Holland. We love a good old fashioned letter through the door in this house (they like to send each other stickers, pencils and badges etc.).

Pop over to Penny's blog to join in this Cheerful venture here.

Other than that, I'm still loving making my chevron crochet blanket, it's got long enough to keep me warm while I crochet away and I've not got too bored of making it yet! We are off and away to Rugby this weekend to visit some old friends of ours who have just bought a new family home. I've never been to Warwickshire before, only driven through it, so I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and seeing more of the countryside.

Happy and cheery weekend to all you lovelies out there xox



  1. What a wonderful give away win! Great prizes! Liking your crochet bunting in your window.

    Leah x

  2. That pin cushion is a thing of beauty!

  3. Aren't you lucky - what lovely things you've been sent! I've made one of those pincushions, they're fun to make. And the cushion cover is lovely, with different stitches and colours. It reminds me of one I saw in a magazine - was it by GreenGate? Gorgeous!
    Jane x

  4. What a pretty pincushion! And it's lovely to catch sight of your crochet bunting in the window! Thanks for joining in, it's great to see the Linky working!
    Penny xxx

  5. Aww, that's so lovely that Alice has a pen-pal! I'm still in touch with my pen-pal 32 years after we started writing to each other :-).

  6. I find myself only being half cheerful for you on that gorgeous cushion, as I did so want it to be mine!! ;-) However maybe I'll have a go at making one and just get over it!

    It's lovely to daydream isn't it...I must say I don't get much of that as screaming boys always seem to interrupt! The artwork is fab! And I totally get the penpal thing, I've recently taken part in a swap and we've received letters from all over Australia which has been so exciting I shall be sorry when I've had all mine!

    Thanks for posting about Planet Penny's idea, I do have lots of reasons to be cheery but it is lovely to see what goes on in other people's corners of the world!

  7. Ooohhh that is lovely - I do love receiving parcels in the post.

    Nina x

  8. What a lovely win, lucky you :D Parcels and proper letters give one such a boost don't they. And lucky Alice too, that artwork is wonderful, she must have had such fun x

  9. Blogging giveaway wins are so lovely - they have the ability to totally make your day. And yours are great!

    I also think it's fab that Alice has proper pen pals. I had some too, as a kid, and getting letters were total highlights. Such fun.

  10. Love the crochet pin cushion,what a lovely present,Im also loving your crochet blankets,especially the chevron one,love the colours of the rooster yarn,too.xxxjulie.

  11. Loving your giveaway win! How funny I am in the midst of a stripy crochet blanket too! Love the pin cushion so pretty.

    Your daughter artwork is just so inspiring she really is doing well. Those colours of your yarn are just gorgeous too.

    Happy knitting!

    MBB x

  12. Oh nasty blogger lost my comment. I said Alice was a very talented lady indeed. You are a lucky lady to win such a gorgeous cushion cover, I haven't won anything however am always happy reading the winners comments. I had a penpal we started writing to each other over 40 years ago, lost touch around 16 years ago and have just found each other on facebook. I love mail in the letterbox.
    x Sandi

  13. Oh lucky you! I LOVE Little Woollie. Thank you so much for the bloggy birthday wishes. I think knitting is a must in year two. Excited to see a few other wanting to knit too! Happy Sunday Penelope. :)

  14. Blogging giveaways are fabulous aren't they? I've been lucky and won quite a few, but I do try to run them regularly as well. So nice to get parcels.

    Lovely that your daughter has penpals - letter writing is an important art, and you never get those little extras with a text or email!