Monday 24 October 2011

Shabby Chevron

Is it really the last week of October? Wow what a super duper busy month October has been so far. We are all exhausted with visiting the local high schools in the evenings, 6 in 3 weeks and eventually had the joy of Alice clicking the SUBMIT button last Thursday after I had electronically entered all our choices. Big relief that that is over now we can forget about it till 1/3/2012 when I will be waiting for a PING in my in-box of my e mail to see if she has got into our first choice. In the mean time all work and no play makes us very dull indeed, so we have been playing too.

More of the shabby chevron has been crocheted and boy am i loving making this blanket, I think it's the joy of seeing the stripes of colour evolve and the thought of not having to sew up hundreds of granny squares together. 

I am using the Rooster yarn I bought (as mentioned in my previous post) and am using up all bits and bobs of DK yarn I have in my left over from other projects stash at the moment. The aim is to make it a retro coloured autumnal blanket and avoid pinks and purples of any kind. I have allowed myself a shade of red which I think adds to the colour fest so far. 

'Scuse the bare feet but I go bare feet as much as I can being a girl from the Southern Hemisphere where I avoided wearing shoes for most of my childhood. A habit that dies hard with me and because we have been having such sunshine and warm days this October so far I am milking it for a bit longer.

So far I am one very happy bunny curling up on the couch making this pleasurable shabby chevron. I hope to share with you where I am in a week's time, hopefully more than half way through my envisaged length.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my lovely friend Penny's great idea with you. She is Penny from Planet Penny and she has come up with a grand idea of blogging about Reasons to be Cheerful which can be found here. The idea is to look at what 3 things in your life give you reasons to be cheerful as winter approaches in the northern hemisphere and as life's toils and troubles grind away. Her next post will be this Thursday where you can link your Reasons to be Cheerful to her blog for all to share and see. 

I decided to do one today just because and then another on Thursday as I hope that this week will bring on more reasons for me to be cheerful. So, as of today these are my 3 reasons to be cheerful;

Alice's room is almost finished being fixed and decorated. It's a blank canvas waiting for us to add her framed pictures and bits of art we've bought for her along the way. 

Our boiler is fixed after conking out a couple of weeks ago and now we can bath and shower knowing we can expect hot water. I'm also very cheerful about the fact that we haven't had to put our heating on yet :0)

I am very cheerful about the fact that Alice is loving reading Little Women xox

So go on and let us all know what your reasons to be cheerful are by visiting Penny's blog and popping your link on to her post.

On a last note, I wanted to share my joy at our local listed Colonnade, opening up a pop up handmade shop run by the 5 Artists who run Made in Hastings until Christmas Eve. Oooh it's lovely to have a bit of handmade local on our doorsteps.

The beautifully restored Colonnade

Local loving with badges and key rings

Claire Fletcher and Josephine Doolan knitwear

Sophie Azimont

Hastings and Bexhill Wood Recycling Project

These are just a few photo's of all that's on offer, so if you are in the area (The South East Coast Of England) pop in and have a coffee and cake after perusing the lovely goodies on offer.

Ok, that's all folks. Happy week ahead to all you lovelies and thanks for popping in and saying Hi xox


  1. Mmm - we went to the pop up shops on Saturday and I loved it. So many inspiring artists and such an array of gorgeous goodies! It's nice to see Bexhill with a trendy edge.

    What's funny (in a nice way) is that the photos you've shown are some of the things I loved the most.

    I'll pop over to Penny's blog in a mo and link up for the Reasons to be Cheerful thingy - it's a great idea.

  2. I've just mastered the granny square but am not liking the whole 'joining a zillion of them together' aspect. Is the chevron an easy pattern for a beginner? The blanket looks lovely.

  3. Hej Penelope
    LOVING your chevron blanket...
    Rustic & Autumnal colours it's warmth is tangible
    Thanks for sharing Penny's link up party.
    I will defo join in, need to find reasons to be cheerful

  4. Lots more than just three things to be cheerful about! You chevron is lovely, the colours are perfect, I like the red especially.

    We haven't switched ou heating on yet either I'm not sure I'm that hardcore to last into December mind!

    The pop-up shop looks fab, we don't get much lk that around here so it's nice to see pics of other people's ideas.

  5. Hi Penelope, stopping by for some ideas for the secret Santa. You photos are fab and the restored colonnade looks lovely. Your chevron work is beautiful. Must drop by to Penny's blog - I like the idea of three reasons to be cheerful!

  6. What a packed post! That blanket looks so warm. And the robins in the Nest Hut picture are adorable. They made me smile ... and there's a reason to be cheerful right there!

  7. I like the idea of posting about three things that make you happy. I'm off to visit Penny's site but wanted to just pop in here to say hello. Seems everybody is into chevrons at the moment. My very first crochet project wasn't a chevron but it was a blanket with every row a different colour. Of course I loved making it as it was such fun playing with all those colours. I can remember our local shop sold yarn and I'd pop down there to select another colour whenever I ran out. Gosh that was decades ago !! Thanks for the memory. BTW I love your blanket.

  8. Oh wow this post is FULL of reasons to be cheerful! Thanks for spreading the word Penelope, I think it will be fun. I love the Autumny shades of the chevron blanket, and I agree it's nice not to have the dreaded piecing together you get with granny squares. I love the idea of the pop up shop, and I just lust after your bit of South Coast generally!

  9. i love hastings and now i must visit! i want a badge!xx

  10. As Annie said 'a packed post' love the colors of your chevron, can't really see much difference between a chevron and a ripple, will have to look at the instructions to see the difference. Little Women was on the TV a couple of weeks ago, with Elizabeth Taylor in it, lovely movie. Am still waiting on my Rooster yarn, can't wait to see the colors and feel it..ohhhh.
    x Sandi