Monday 31 October 2011

Hello Monday

My chevron is growing beautifully, I'm about half way there
Helloooo, thanks for your lovely comments as always, it's nice to catch up with what you have all been doing. Have you all had a fine and dandy weekend / end of half term holiday's? We did LOTS this weekend and today is a recovery, sort out day as the last day of Alice's half term. 

Simon and Manju's flying ducks (the 3rd currently having it's head stuck back on!)

This afternoon we are heading off to help at a Superhero's party and have been allocated the face painting bit (eek I hope those kids know that I can't paint for toffee ;0). We don't do Halloween here in this ol'house ... I didn't grow up with it and so I can't say it's something I enjoy, it's not something I feel very comfy with (you might say I'm a bit of a party pooper but that's just me).

Super cool vintage shop in Brimingham
We loved our trip up to Rugby, such a pretty Midlands town with beautiful red bricked buildings everywhere. I love the red bricks of England. Manju, Simon's wife is from Nepal and she is a heavenly creature full of laughter, good fun and a brilliant cook to say the least. We ate very well and listened to lots of Nepalese music and felt beautifully incense soaked by the end of the weekend.

One of Manju's many Buddha's

We also made a little trip into Birmingham, it was my second visit to this city and the main purpose was to go and see Andy's Brighton and Hove Albion football club playing against the Birmingham Blues. I'm not much of a football fan but when I do go to a game (about 2x per year) I do enjoy the atmosphere and excitement at scoring a goal. I'll let the pictures do the talking for our trip to a small part of the city ...

I love the wastelands of  discarded industrial factories  

I promise never to post another football pic on this here very blog!

I want that satchel please

We found this groovy boho part of the city

Birmingham's Bullring and neon sign

Vintage clothing and some shopping in the Bullring at Forever21

All in all it was good fun and we hope to go up with some other friends around new year. Wishing you a grand week ahead, I'll be back to post about my reasons to be cheerful no doubt on Thursday (especially now that the clocks have changed), I hope one of these will be having got some more crochet done xox


  1. Sounds like a great weekend...thanks for the flying duck picture- I'd sort of forgotten about flying ducks...

  2. Wonderful! Please add to my blog. Everyone must see. Please!

  3. Hope your face painting goes well, I've done that at a school do and I was so nervous it took a couple of faces for my hands to stop shaking, my shaky hands thing is a frequent occurrence and sometimes it hits at he worst times!

    We don't 'do' halloween either but it has become so huge that it's hard to avoid now isn't it? I don't mind scooping up the cheap cakes at tescos the day after mind!

    Nice pics, looks like a good weekend. My hubby was a long distance lorry driver before we had kids and he used to work for the demolition company that pulled down the original bullring.

  4. It really sounds a wonderful weekend spent with good company! The best kind.

    I am afraid we do halloween here but then I am a strange one and have always liked the slightly creepy and the little bit spooky. Although we give out treats if younger kids call by for trick or treating we dont do it with our own girls. Not sure If I want to encourage that! lol.

    MBB x

  5. Mmm - I don't do Halloween either. Not my thing as it flies in the face of my beliefs - but then hubby bought a pumpkin on Saturday for himself, and scooped it out and carved a face- and then his Mum came for lunch yesterday and was so cross with him for getting a was funny listening to her berating him. :)...and so he put it put in the compost.

    I'd love to have a set of flying ducks - but the real things are outrageously priced these days.

  6. Looks like a brilliant weekend!

    The only concessions I make to Halloween are carving a Jack-o-lantern and making pumpkin jam. But when I do those things I love the way I feel part of a tradition that is centuries old and quite different to the modern Americanised Halloween. Of course Halloween is seasonal in origin, and all about fires to light the coming winter dark. So back when we had an open fire we would light the first fire of the season on October 31st too. I miss that.

    Loving how your Ripple blanket is looking, so very autumnal.

  7. Your granny blanket looks great. Love the colour combination......xx

  8. Your blanket is looking lovely.
    It looks like you had a great weekend. My top tourist tip for Birmingham (having been once!), if you ever go again, is the museum in the jewellery quarter -

  9. Oof. Love that chevron blanket and its autumnal colours.

  10. I struggle a bit with Halloween but living out in the sticks has it's compensations, no one can find us to Trick or Treat us! Had to laugh at the football photo! That blanket is looking fab xxx

  11. Wow - fabulous post hon. Great pics!!!

  12. Squeal!!! Am going to have to make a chevron, it is stunning! We really don't do Halloween here (in my home) and no one comes around here, I guess there arn't many young children around.
    x Sandi

  13. oooh I LOVE the colours in that chevron blanket!!!! I am suffering major inspiration overload with no outlet at the minute aaaahhhh!!!!

  14. Oh my, your chevron blanket is gorgeous!...It's the colour combo...I just LOVE the colours you have chosen... perfect for cozying up in these darker evenings. I can't wait to see it all finished!!
    Glad to hear you had a fun weekend! I am not one for football usually but my husband is insisting that I should go to a match as the atmosphere is just electric... so watch this space eh? ;)

    Thank you so much for your lovely words on my post today, you're so kind!! Hope you're having a lovely weekend...

    Louise xx