Saturday 8 October 2011

Tangled up in blue

Are you having a lovely weekend so far? I'm snuggling up on my own this grey Saturday afternoon whilst Alice is playing at a friend's and Andy is out with a couple of his friends from Brighton. He's taken them out to see this amazing exhibition:

I'm not sure if you are a fan or not of Mr. Warhol but we certainly are and got so excited at out pretty little seaside town exhibiting so many of his paintings, print and photography. It's a real treat being able to walk 5 minutes to the sea front and have this free exhibition on our door step. I will dedicate a separate post to the exhibition because it certainly deserves a whole post of it's own.

I, on the other hand am curled up on the couch in our dining room having cups of tea whist listening to some of our CD's I sorted out the other day after Andy eventually put up some 1960's Danish designed shelves he purchased in the summer. Living in a terraced Victorian house you can appreciate that floor space is at a premium and it's good to get more things onto the walls despite it being 8 years long overdue!

Did you notice the Mau Tse Tung cards from the exhibition that Alice decided to come home with when we came home from seeing the exhibition a week or so ago. She is hoping to get some inspiration from them as she's one lucky girl to have a place in a 3 day {8-12yrs old} workshop in the October school half term. Boy, how I wish I had had such opportunities when I was growing up!

It's fab to get old CD's out and enjoy some music from my university and early 20's that I loved to listen to {Also can't get enough of Camera Obscura, especially this track here}. My beautiful Andy has a rather large LP collection going on and we listen to records a whole lot in this house. I love that crackle that LP's and the needle make, something very comforting and nostalgic about it I think. Some of his collection is hidden under the African print fabric covering a huge cabinet seen in the above photo. It would look far too busy in our wee house if we had them all exposed...well that's what I keep telling him ;0)

Whilst taking a happy trip down memory lane I am knitting up some of the gorgeous malabringo yarn I bought when I went to Sweden in early September. I've been inspired by Penny on Planet Penny to make a cowl/snood with this stunning yarn. I could only afford 2 skeins and so needed to find a small but significant project to use this yarn for. Such an easy peasy pattern and you can see where Penny has put the pattern details on Ravelry here.

So that's me tangled up in blue this afternoon, just how I like it. Thanks also to all those lovelies that commented about my one pound wonder, I have a hooky idea floating in my brain at the moment and hope to make something fun in the next few days. 

Please could JulieVickiJackieHelenKarisma please email me at with your postal addresses so I can send you the recycled crochet hook you requested from my previous post. Thanks so much.

Sending you birdy love this weekend, over the past few years birds have become more and more of an obsession for me, wearing them, sewing them, drawing them, colouring them in, finding vintage books on them, watching them. 
Are you a birdy girl or not? I'd love to know.


  1. Hello Penelope

    LOVE the retro string shelf, it;s perfect for CDS. Loving that blue cowl and Yes I am definitely a birdy girl too!
    You've made my weekend

  2. Love the blue for the snood/cowl. Looks lovely and warming. The birdie collection is cute too, especially the blue button.


  3. I like the colours in your cowl, I reckon I'm going to make a couple of cowls as Christmas presents.

    I have just put our bird feeders back out and I love to watch them. I don't know my birds at all apart from the obvious ones, but last winter we had a few woodpeckers visiting us and when I was making a cup of tea this morning I spotted a female out exciting they are somehow quite exotic looking for an ordinary garden!

  4. that blue is gorgeous! Very excited you are making the snood, looking forward to seeing the end result. I'm making my third, this time for Will's girlfriend, Lou. (Will is Tom's little brother - and I have to tell you cos I'm so excited They've just been round to tell us they are getting married next year!!)
    So glad you're feeling better,#love Penny xxx

  5. Oh yes, I am a birdy girl. I love them singing in the morning in spring.

    Yesterday I heard a robin in the walnut tree. They also sing in autum. It sounds like a farewell to me.

    At the moment the starlings are gathering in our orchard making a noise all the time. The pick the fallen apples and are attacking my grapes. :-) Last year we had a flock of hundreds of bird here.

  6. Am I birdy girl? You bet! I LOVE watching the birds in my garden. Hubs and I encourage as many as we can and have several feeders and tables, and all-important water bowls and baths, dotted around. I've recently bought a couple of bird stamps (acrylic ones to use with an ink pad) so I can decorate various things. I've even crocheted some. And, talking of crochet, I am loving the cowl. Such a lovely colour blue (which I can't believe I'm saying as I'm not a 'blue' girl). I love reading your posts, especially what you've got up to at the weekend.

  7. Oh I shall email you now :) Yes I am a birdy girl :)

    Like Debs I love watching them the garden and get very excited if a new type appear.

  8. Ok failed - I can't find an email button on your blog - could you email me via my button on my profile - thank you - am sure its just me being thick!!

  9. I love anything with birds, fabric, pictures, china, jewelry, you name it! Your cowl is looking scrumptious.

  10. Blues are my favourite so I love the colour of your cowl. Thank you so much for picking me for one of your hooks ~ I'll e mail you with my details ~ Jackie :O)x

  11. I'd say I am a birdie girl, especially in winter - I get the feeders up and watch the blue tits, robins and sparrows trying to get the sunflower seeds out. I think they are really cute, so definitely worth to be drawn, painted, knitted etc.

    P.S. Will look forward to seeing your post about the exhibition.