Tuesday 11 October 2011

Ode to the Autumn

A Child's Calendar


by John Updike

The stripped and shapely Maple grieves
The ghosts of her d
eparted leaves.

The ground is hard,as hard as stone.
The year is old,t
he birds are flown.

And yet the world,In its distress,
Displays a certain l

Hello, I am so loving and embracing the seasonal change to Autumn and the slightly cooler air and cosy nights in, under snuggly crochet blankets and sipping on hot chocolate. I do ever so love Spring and Autumn and think they are my favourite seasons. I do hope you are enjoying Autumn or Spring wherever you are in the world? 

I thought I'd just capture some of the things we've been doing these past few days in picture form...

It did make me smile when my only magazine subscription for Country Living came through the post the other day as the front cover basically summarised how I was feeling and the mood of Autumn in my mind. Also, the fact that on Friday, Alice and I  baked our very first loaf of bread (a Paul Hollywood recipe) which was delicious with homemade chickpea and spinach soup.

Here's Alice having her very first lesson in kneading bread, I like the tip about using a little olive oil instead of flour on the kitchen surface to stop the dough from sticking, a lot less messy! 

We've also been indulging in apple and quince stewing, all picked locally at friend's houses. I love the fragrance of quinces...wish I could capture it in a bottle.

Making little shortcrust pastry pies with little hands adding the floral decoration 

Indulging in some of Rose Elliot's delicious vegetarian recipes. This was quick and easy to make, a broccoli, stilton cheese and pecan flan... very rich but delicious with steamed kale and a carrot, potato and lime mash!

Oh dear, it all seems to be about food..there goes my waistline....

We've also enjoyed woodland walks and collecting Autumnal leaves and natures offerings for our nature table.

Beautiful warmth from those colour's.

Crunching acorns underfoot...love it! Catching glimpses of foxes and squirrels also excite us, in fact I'm starting to get a little foxy obsessional (together with my birdy obsession!). I think this gorgeous new tortoise shell Fox brooch from Tatty Devine has tipped the balance into my love of foxi-ness embroidery, prints, jewellery etc. Don't you just love it? Check out their website for their new Autumn range here.

 We also managed to find some rather lovely 1920's pine doors on ebay to replace the yucky plain 1970's door someone put into our Victorian terraced house when they owned it. It all feels like our little home is finally coming together and we are looking forward to redecorating Alice's room after it's repaired, plastered, painted etc in the alcove where we ripped the airing cupboard and old boiler out. I thought I'd show you a pretty pic of the art nouveau style decoration on our new doors. We like a bit of character we do.They need a little sanding and polish for sealing but we're really excited about having these hung sometime soon.   

Last but not least I'm loving this month's Country living magazine and had to show you this page (sorry I hope I haven't spoilt it for anyone who might still want to indulge in this month's magazine). It totally summarise's my mood this October and had to tactfully be pointed out to Mr. that it's very hip and trendy to knit and not at all granny-ish ;0) in case he thought so.

Don't you just want to dive right in there! 
Happy Autumn y'all and see you soon xox


  1. beautiful post, lots of Autumn loveliness ;0)x
    i want that mag, but can i justify two mags in one month? they are so pricey...but i love country living ;0)

  2. I am with you all the way! I just love autumn too.

    Love that poem at the begining of your post too. So true.

    I think food really is part of autumn. I seem to be in the kitchen baking and cooking a lot of the past week or so. It is the season it seems. Those long walks will work it all off. That is what I tell myself! lol.

    Love those doors. They are a great find. Its lovely when you start to feel that your home really is coming together.

    And I really do want to cosy up by that fire!

    MBB x

  3. What a gorgeous autumny post! Spring is my favourite season, but you've nearly persuaded me with those lovely photos!
    Well done finding the doors, they look great. It's amazing what people do to old houses in the name of progress.
    Also, I'm now feeling rather hungry!!!
    lots of love,
    Penny and Higgins xxx

  4. Lovely post, that pecan and stilton tart looks yummy, my sort of flavours. I like all things autumn too.

    My husband said to me the other day 'but crochet can't exactly be called sexy can it' and to be honest I had to agree!

  5. Beautiful Autumn inspired post!! Thanks for showing that lovely knitting page in Country Living...I rushed to sainsbury's this morning to grab myself a copy after seeing it on a few blogs, only to find they havn't got the new one in yet..Grrr! I will send hubby off to wh smiths in a few days in the hope it will be there...! In the meantime you have given me my 'fix' lol.

    Hope you are having a good week :)

    Louise xx

  6. Having just stumbled across your blog via a series of interesting side bar clicks, I was thrilled to find an ode to my favourite season. I totally agree, Autumn is a wonderful season. (I love your photos too)

  7. Lovely post Penelope. Your blanket looks so cozy and lots of yummy baking too. I've tried to comment on several of your latest posts ...hoping this one works :0)
    Jacquie x

  8. Really liked this post - full of all things lovely. Rose Elliot is probably my most FAVOURITE cookery writer as it always comes out well and she doesn't write recipes that you wouldn't actually eat. Ill help eat the quiche if there's too much for you. That Hollywood guy, well, easy on the eye or what?! I can't say I took a lot of notice of the bread-making so will have to watch again [and again]! I have the CL mag but haven't opened it yet - now I will.

  9. PS my word veryfication was none-other than QUINCE - spooky!

  10. Sorry it's me again bringing you this link: http://www.cookveg.co.uk/
    which you may have found already since I got to it from Rose Elliot's page.

  11. Ok - perfect post!!
    Love the grannies right at the beginning, the poem just sums the season up perfectly, I just want to snuggle up in that magazie cover, smelling the apple pies cooking, dreaming of what we'll have for supper, and knitting together with friends. And your doors, lucky you, we're still seeking out doors for our 1840's terrace, to replace the flat panel paper thin doors someone thought might be a good idea!!
    Thank you for a perfectly lovely post.

  12. A post full of loveliness, love the doors oh my I do. 'Food glorious food' a little bit of yarn love and a magazine too. I love Alice's decorations on the pies.
    x Sandi

  13. Lovely granny blanket up there!

    We have a bag of quince from hubby's uncle - I have no clue what to do with them. Must Google a recipe and do something before they rot and end up in the compost.

    And I love your door decorations - cracking things! Our's are 1980's faux brass - classy or what? Not!

  14. Hej Penelope

    Lovely post...
    That last photo...;-)
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your Autumn & all it's cosiness


    Love that foxy brooch - he's fantastic!

    PS. I am now following ;-)

  16. I love your ode!
    I love Autumn xx