Saturday 15 October 2011

Project 1, 2 and 3

Hello, so nice of you to stop and see what I've been up to. I have a question: Do you take your camera to work with you? I don't know about you but I am fortunate to work in the Community and so I travel around my patch of the East Sussex a bit, this is a huge bonus to my NHS job as I love that I can experience the elements in my job rather than being closed up in a hospital as I once did many moons ago. Since blogging I've started carrying my camera to I woman possessed? I just get mad if I see something beautiful and cannot capture it in my lens. On Wednesday i had to go up to our local Hospital to a team meeting and parked near these beautiful trees and couldn't resist a 30 second stop to capture these pretty berries whilst crunching on acorns underfoot and smelling burning wood from a nearby house. Lucky me being able to have a sensory delight before focusing on work ;0)

Ok, on with today's story, it's a WIP and ta-dah story. Do you remember I mentioned I had a little crochet idea floating in my grey matter a week or so ago, well it's come to fruition and even more exciting I found this beautiful etsy shop here which added to my inspiration. Do have a look around Rachel's shop it's stunning! 

So here is what materialised...

Two very sweet rosette's one for E and one for P who are getting married next Saturday! I'm so excited about giving these to E, I hope she will like them. I'm not much of an embroiderer and these are not shop worthy as such but I am not a perfectionist and each and every stitch is made with love and joy. Oh happy day for E and P next Saturday, many blessings for your beautiful union and life together!

I sewed a pin on the back of both of them so they can either wear them or pop them on a pin board or wherever they want to.

E is a Speech and Language Therapy colleague of mine and she has been planning her wedding for a while now and will be wearing a vintage inspired dress. Oh, I do love a wedding! here's one more photo just because I'm so excited for her...

These really are sooooo easy to hook up if you are familiar with very basic crochet stitches. I'll give you a little pattern I made up if you'd like?

We have been having glorious Autumnal days, blazing sunshine, blue skies and fresh chilled air. Loving it I am.

Yes, the evenings are drawing in earlier, darkness is not always fun but I am enjoying the beautiful sunsets we have been having.

The chills in the air have pleasantly coincided with me finishing my cowl/snood as mentioned in this post. So here she is, all 100% malabrigo which is super warm, snug and soft (no scratches on my skin please)

It's long enough to pull up over my head to make it into a snood to cover my ears when the wind howls through my bones in deepest darkest winter.

I love it, all electric and blue.

We have been having some work done on Alice's room this week (thanks Alan) and there is stuff everywhere, surprisingly I am remaining calm about this. It's been a good excuse to have a sort out and recycle, charity shop donate and skip dump, very cathartic indeed. In amongst this I found this WIP which I had completely forgotten about. How spoilt am I to be able to make more than one thing at a time, so it's got a little more attention this week and I plan to give this to J for her birthday at the end of November.

It's one of the two crochet patterns in Jane Brocket's beautiful book The gentle art of knitting {which is now selling for half price on Amazon}. I love everything about this book and pattern.

It's a real pleasure to make this blanket, it's not going to be huge but something small and cosy for couch snuggling.

I've also been a naughty girl and have bought some more yarn for my chevron blanket I plan to crochet in Jane Brocket's book.

I've never seen rooster yarn before, I found it hard to choose colours but wanted a retro / art deco look to my chevron blanket. I think I might throw a dark grey in too, we'll see.

Rightee-ho I must a-go as Alice is chomping at the bit to make some vintage cup candles as was promised last night. 

Happy, sweet times to you and yours this weekend.


  1. I would love to do a photography course to really learn the different sort of photo's that can be taken. I just take my mobile phone but would love a brand new spanking camera. I've just read about micro photography - taking close ups of flowers and insects etc. Love your photo's by the way!

    I have that book the gentle art of knitting and it is so so inspiring. I really want to make that apron for my mum and maybe one for me.

    Have a lovely week.

    Leah x

  2. Lovely post! Love all of your projects and photos!

  3. That Rooster yarn looks interesting ... I like the sound of the chevron blanket. You're being very productive ... you put me to shame!

  4. I love your blue scarf, it looks really cosy (as well as lovely of course!)

  5. What a wonderfully woolly post!! I love the electric blue cowl, such a gorgeous colour!!
    I'm sure the Jane Brocket blanket you are making is the same as a cushion I made a few months ago when her pattern was featured in Mollie Makes magazine. It's'such a pretty pattern, actually my mum has asked me to make one for her this xmas...I'd better get busy with my crochet hook!! I love the colours you have chosen for yours by the way :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend
    Louise xx

  6. I know exactly what you mean about not having your camera and seeing something you wish you could annoying.

    Love those rooster colours, look forward to seeing that coming together!

  7. Hello Penelope
    Just catching up after a few days out of contact and saw your message. Have never done one of these hints before and an glad you go in touch - I may have forgotten to check the faith,hope and charity blog!
    It seems we have quite a bit in common - I love vintage stuff too and you seem to enjoy being outdoors. Am making an apple and quince pie this weekend too!
    You crocheting is lovely - did a bit of knitting when I was younger but crocheting always looked a bit too difficult to me! Am looking forward to getting things together to send..time to get my thinking cap on....

  8. Oops, apologies for my smarty pants computer changing some of my words so the spelling looks awful!

  9. lovely post...your crumble sounds lovely that you will make later- yum yums for tum tums ;0)x
    that yarn is your photography x

  10. hello
    wonderful scarf.......nice colours......great blog

    have a nice week,

  11. Love the colour of your cowl and the combination in the throw, purples and greys are one of y fave mixes. Have been thinking of getting that book for a while, and now I know I will, thanks for the tip off;)


  12. Yes always take my camera to work!!! Only often I see things and am not in a position to stop and take snaps, but I take it along anyway, much to the amusement of my colleagues... That rooster yarn looks yummy. :-)