Tuesday 18 October 2011

Yarn gobbling

I've been a busy bee lately, desperate for a bored moment to be honest, but hey ho, time doesn't stand still for anyone. I do however, always have time to stop and crochet or knit and lately it's not uncommon for me to relax with my yarn whilst Alice is doing her homework in the same room. Year 6 has cranked up with the ol' homework so most evenings are spent around her desk whist I chill and quitely hook/knit away (not doing her homework for her by the way!). She seems to be much more effective with me in the room, kind of like an "on tap" dictionary, mathematician (?!), bod for bouncing inspiration off... you get what I mean. It's so hard sometimes when I see her making an obvious mistake but I don't interfere with this as I realise how important it is for her teacher's to see what areas she needs to work on. I will however admit to helping her glue and stick in the more imaginary tasks because the creative side of me cannot resist.

Anyway, I've started gobbling yarn away in my new chevron autumn blanket. I have'nt done a big project for a while now and I am LOVING it to say the least, so exciting seeing the chevron's developing. I'm most definitely happy hooking again!

The pattern is from Jane Brocket's beautiful book, The gentle art of knitting found here. yes I know it's knitting book but there are two patterns of the hooky kind too. Thank you Jane xox

It's definitely a yarn gobbling pattern but oh so worth it.

It's time to add some more colour's I think. Thanks for popping in and welcome to all new followers too, I do try and visit all your beautiful blogs.

What yarn are you gobbling up at the moment?


  1. ...no yarn gobbling here I'm afraid...still making chutney!

  2. I have yesterday ordered another Lucy pack so I can make my stripe even bigger, actually, I can't complain as that style craft is such good value.

    It really gets me how many parents do their children's homework and the teachers don't appear to say anything! But I'm with you on feeling funny when you spot an obvious mistake.

    Your chevron looks great!

  3. Your blanket is looking beautiful, Penelope! The colours are so pretty and soft. I always say I don't like yellow, but that shade looks sooo pretty there, and I must confess to having a top in that colour which I love very much, but always say it's mustard not yellow... Perhaps I should just admit I do actually like yellow!
    When I've finished my wristwarmers, I'm going back to my ripple blanket :)

  4. Your ripple is looking fantastic. Gobbling all kinds of yarns here just lately being on a real crafty spurt. Even had to go buy one more skein of DB baby cashmerino in lemon today DESPITE saying I was not going to!
    Hey you know, my 20 year old tried to get me to write one of her nursing papers last year but I refused. Had to explain that it felt wrong to know that she might pass a module and qualify whilst not actually understanding that part of her subsequent job. No matter, she quit nursing to take up veterinary studies instead!!!!


  5. Hi Penelope, I love your chevron ...great yarn and colours. I'm starting a ripple and I think I'm going to love it :0)
    Jacquie x

  6. I love my ripple blanket! The Rooster yarn comes in a great colour range, doesn't it, your blanket's going to be lovely!
    Penny x

  7. Yet again I find myself in awe of a crocheted crafty endeavour ... I'm trying so hard to learn but I think I may have been born without the crochet gene! Happy hooking x

  8. I think I am gobbling too many yarns at once, might be developing a fur ball. LOL I can see why you are loving this yarn. Your project is coming along just perfectly, the stitches looks so neat and crisp! Very very nice!

  9. I am gobbling up scraps of yarn from hooky projects long finished. I am doing the Neat Ripple pattern. I have a chevron blanket in a pattern similar to the one you are working on. I used the multicolored yarn on it. It is my favorite lap blanket.

  10. Everyone seems to be doing ripples or chevrons lately. Yours looks lovely and the colours are great. I'm using up some of my stash and have just about finished a baby's blanket.

  11. I love your blanket! I really want to give one of these a go - and soon!! Have a fab week - hope you find lots of pockets of time to get your hook out.

  12. Oh your chevron looks lovely and the colours look fab together.

    I had to frog my chevron a while back as I made some major mistake to begin with which had a knock on effect all the way through. It just looked pretty awful.

    Nina x

  13. rengarenk güzel örgüler..blogunu izlemekden mutlu olacağım sevgiler.

  14. Oh Penelope I couldn't help myself, I had to order some Rooster yarn, I want to crochet the little blanket that is in the 'Cute and Easy Crochet' book, now I can't wait to have it in my hot little hands. Your colors are gorgeous and the blanket is going to be so snuggly.
    x Sandi

  15. Oh, I do like a ripple with eye-lets. Great colours too.
    I'm about to start the border on my Autumn blanket - I am guessing that is going to gobble up lots of yarn!
    Have a great weekend x

  16. nice! we just wanted to let you know that we are linking your blog to ours via our sidebar link love. your blog is sweet, so we are sharing the love :)

  17. I think a blanket is a great thing to get into with winter on it's way. I would love to be yarn gobbling but I must confess I can not knit, though I enjoy looking.

    Stop by if you get a chance.
    :-} Lorraine