Wednesday 5 October 2011

One Pound Wonder Ta-dah!

Hello hello hello... Thank you for all your sweet get well wishes, I am so much better now and in future will try not to wallow in too much misery on my blog! 

So back to today's one pound wonder Ta-dah, I've been waiting patiently to show you my £1.00 find and what I did with it. A few month's ago I found a super stash of old vintage knitting needles, patterns and hooks of another sort {hint hint} in a local charity shop. I often ask for knitting needles and crochet hooks in Charity shops because more often than not, they are kept in their back store rooms because of health and safety! Anyway, my heart started beating rather quickly when out of the corner of my eye I spotted something pink, something crocheted as I dug away in the box given to me and here is what I found...

A rather dusty old pink crochet roll with these beauties inside it...

All for the princely sum of £1.00 ! I was pretty chuffed as my crochet needles are always getting lost and then found and I find myself buying more of the sizes I already have etc. Does this happen to you or am I just careless? So, with this lovely stash of hooks I felt motivated to be more careful with my hooks and create a new "home" for them. I don't like being decadent with material possessions and want to not take for granted that I have money to buy new crochet hooks when I misplace one. so this little case was created for just that.

Ta dah, here is my new one pound wonder crocheted case for all my lovely hook sizes.

I really enjoyed doing this very basic and comfy crochet again and thanks to the clever person who made the previous pink case I was inspired to make my own this Autumn. I made the fabric lining with some left over fabric I made a skirt with this summer and the brown floral fabric is from an old charity shop pillow case I had chopped up for various projects.

Hopefully, I can be more responsible with my hooks now and keep them all neatly tucked away in their new case xox It would please me to know that someday these could be recycled back into the world for someone else to get pleasure from using them. 

I was wondering if anyone would like a few of my excess/doubled up crochet hooks?

There are a few of varying quality and sizes (4.5mm, 5.0, 7.0, 8.0 etc) and I would very much like to give these to someone who might use them. If you'd like them please say so in a comment and if there are more than 1 of you, I'll do a draw out of a hat if that's OK?

Thanks for letting me share my one pound wonder with you today, snuggle up if you are in the North and stretch out if you are in the South. 
See you soon xox


  1. WOW!
    Lucky Find!
    Love your crochet hooks case too ;-) clever you!
    I haven't got an 8mm hook I could give it a good home...

  2. What a great find :) I know its silly about the H&S stuff but we have to do that in our shop too.

    If the 7mm is spare then I'd like that - I have some yarn but as yet no hook!

    My hooks currently are stored in a vintage sherry glass :)

  3. Why do things always happen to other people and never to me? I never have lucky finds.....oh, except perhaps for finding my hubby, he is my everything, or so he tells me!

    Well done on your lovely haul!

  4. What a fantastic find and a great idea to keep all your hooks in too. If you are still looking for a home for the 4.5 and 5 hook I'd love either one ~ the 5 would be the most useful to me I think! :O)xx

  5. What a lovely hook roll. How generous of you to offer to share your doubles. I have an evergrowing collection of knitting needles and despite sorting them out regularly I am never quite able to pass any on. I mean, I definitely need each size in metal, wood and bamboo don't I? And then I need a spare of each too, just in case, don't you think?
    Hmm, not really, maybe I need to take a leaf from your book!

  6. What a fantastic find! I never find anything like that in the CS where I live. I think there is a secret society of CS workers only giving out crafty stuff to their friends. They have to tip each other the secret wink. As when I ask if they have such things they always look at me as if I am mad! lol.

    Love the crochet roll you made to house your hooks in a really good idea!

    MBB x

  7. Fantastic find!!
    I love finding things like that- that you know someone has treasured, loved and used!!!

  8. Wow you lucky thing, what a great discovery!

    I love pre-loved craft items. I wonder who has owned them and what they created. I have inherited my great aunts knitting needles and feel such a connection with her whenever I am using them.

    i would love to give a new home to a crochet hook! I am just learning to crochet and only have one hook so any size would be fantastic.

  9. Wow! you scored on that shopping trip. Your needle case turned out great, and doesn't it feel good to organize and recycle?

  10. A definite one pound wonder, and in more ways than one ... I'm busying wondering about the person who made the original roll and what else those pre-loved hooks have hooked :D

  11. Hullo Penelope, ohhhhhh what a wonderful find. And I do so love your own version as well. Glad you are feeling better again.

  12. AWESOME!!!! What a find!!! And I love the new home, just perfect, I need one of those for my hooks who mostly live in a purse right now. I would love to have the no. 5 hook as I have lost mine but I think someone closer to home would be better receiving it from you. Now I am going to take another ogle at your hooks and home before I leave. I may just have to try making one myself. LOL Hugs xoxox

  13. I thought I'd left a comment here already but clearly not! Am I losing my mind or what!

    Anyway those crochet hooks were a real find. One of those things that make charity shopping really worthwhile.

    About my blog post - yes the incident with the yucky man was in the Barby Keel shop. And the Christmas fair is at the Bexhill Museum on 19th November. There's another one at Sussex College which I saw advertised in The Resident today. Still thinking about that one.

  14. What a brilliant find and a great way to keep your hooks. I made crayon rolls for my girls a couple of years back, but I never thought to make one for my crochet hooks. Genius.

    Nina x

  15. I have been looking for a 7.00 hook and was beginning to think they don't exist! I could only find 6.00 or 8.00 today (so bought both on the grounds that my tension is probably not 'normal' anyway!!). Lovely find and think I may have to get organised and make myself one of those crochet rolls...and maybe one for sets of DPNs too!

  16. Hi Penelope,

    What luck! You found such a wonderful bargain. Vintage crochet hooks always feel like a finding a treasure to me.

    The package you sent arrived yesterday! I was so excited. The yarn is great and I'm already dreaming up what to make with it. I love all of the other goodies, too. Now I have my first pair of vintage knitting needles! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

  17. Wow, what a find. I love the look of the White and green hook. I think I have reduced my hooks by teaching some of the old ladies at the residential home to crochet and end up giving them a hook or two. Nice habit but one that tends to leave me short!!

  18. Oohhh now I'm jalous.... ;p. I have the same problem but now i'm going to do something about it. You gave me inspiration with your crochet example. That you for that. So enjoy these autumn days. Everybodynis snuggeling up it seems. Love CC. ;p