Sunday 2 December 2012

Festive play

I played about with this cornflour based recipe on Saturday whilst Alice was at ballet which I found in the blogosphere this past week and got quite excited making these, hoping for something as white as snow and cheap and cheerful to add to my Christmas wrapping decorations.

To say I was a tad bit disappointed is an understatement and it took about 24 hours in my oven at 50 degrees C to get them to dry completely. I guess you could air dry them but I was far too impatient for that :o) Unfortunately they came out an off white colour and cracked in various places.


I guess they are not totally hideous and after asking my Alice if she could come up with a plan to rescue these in some way, I've decided they can still be used.

Thanks Alice, that's a little bit more festive and a lot better.

We will use some tartan ribbon to thread through the straw made holes and hope they don't crack before Christmas day.

To cheer ourselves up we ended making these stain glass ginger biscuits...from this recipe.

I hope you have had a fun filled weekend, its been beautifully sunny but freezing here and we have been keeping cosy indoors after having had long coastal and countryside walks. 

Thanks for stopping by,
See you all very soon with some of my finished makes


  1. Everything looks better with a coat of sparkly paint - I think they look very pretty!
    Victoria xx

  2. I quite liked them au naturel - they remind me of the gorgeous clay ornaments made by Marley and Lockyer. But a bit of sparkle never goes amiss. :)

    You're very creative - and it does look like so much fun - I haven't the time I'm afraid - any gifts we give will likely have shop bought tags!

  3. I love how the light shines through them! :)

  4. A bit of glitter/shimmer can hide all manner of evils can't it? Not that your decorations need hiding even if they're not exactly as you hoped they'd turn out! Loving the stained glass window biscuits as well, they're so fun and simple to make and always come out looking pretty :)

  5. I love the messages on your tags - very simple and pretty. Will be BACK SOON as I've just discovered your blog xo

  6. I love them, just as they are Pen. Remember, as Leonard Cohen said "there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in".

  7. Hi Penelope! wow, those biscuits are so cool!
    Love your festive ideas, you are very patient with your crafting :O) very cool

  8. Biscuits look delicious. I wanted to reach out and have a nibble. As for the project. I hate when it goes wrong, makes me feel like having a tantrum. You get all excited about trying something and then it doesn't play ball which is not on at all. Alice definately rescued them.


  9. Hello Penelope.
    buttttttt in the end all is well because I think they look really nice. I also very much like those ginger biscuits and the transparent effect...brilliant

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  10. Well I think your ornaments are lovely, especially with the sparkly paint. If you want to have another go, check out this recipe/tutorial from Shari over at Lauren's Closet:

    I love your little stamp set, and the stained-glass cookie looks so magical! :)

  11. These decorations look fabulous. I need such a kick up the backside this December - these have certainly inspired me,

    Nina x

  12. My, my blueberry pie - I think that the tags are super duper just as they are - that is the joy of homemade. I treasure a little star that the children made a few years back - very fragile but beautiful for all that
    I am very envious of your crochet skills...
    Best wishes and wrap up warm