Sunday 9 December 2012

Bearing gifts

A couple of nights ago we were invited to share a take away tonight at some very special friends of ours. We rarely have a take away these days and it was so delicious having Indian food again. My curries are never quite up to scratch and I adore spicy/hot food, so, to have some authentic curry was amazing. My tummy is so full and happily satisfied now that I am home in my PJ's tucked up all cosy in bed with the laptop. I wanted to show you what I spontaneously made this morning for these lovely friends.

I love candles at any time of the year but especially during Advent and on Christmas day, so I always buy candles when I spot good quality ones (that don't drip everywhere) and ones that are reasonably priced. I wrapped up 3 candles with some vintage crochet lace that I had in my stash and crocheted up one of Planet Penny's hearts found here with some of her white cotton she gave me. I sewed around the heart with some silver thread and attached it to the vintage crochet and embellished this gift with some winter foliage.

I then spent an hour or so up-cycling 3 of Andy's 'ready to be recycled' little green glass beer bottles to make sweet little candle holders for safe and steady burning.

Can you spot some of the bits and bobs that I have already made like my wrapping paper here, my crocheted snowflakes here and my little cornflour and bicarb home made 'hope' bell decoration here?

These will make perfect little up-cycled candle holders for their festivities I hope.

Something so easy, cheap and fun that anyone could do with a little imagination (and a husband who likes a little French beer or two :o)

We also gave them an A-Z of fun things to do tea towel from one of my favourite shops in Hastings and gave their girls a little pressie each.

I simply love wrapping up presents, tying bows and using twine together with different bits and bobs (buttons, badges, shells, beads, foliage, old photographs, ribbons, home made tags etc) I have gathered to embellish my little gifts. For me, there is nothing better than a beautifully wrapped present. It makes the giving that much more special.

I guess its time to lay down my weary head, thanks so much for your fabulous comments and for visiting my blog. 

Have you up-cycled anything for Christmas this year?
Would you consider making this cheap and cheerful candle stick holder idea?

See you all very soon


  1. I think that's a lovely gift to give, candles are grat to give, especially at this time of year! :)

  2. Candles are the perfect Christmas gift ... I like to fill the house with them in winter although I have to be careful where I put them as the wild child whippet could easily knock them flying.

    Present wrapping ... me too! That last shot is lovely :D

  3. Ooh, what gorgeous presents, and I do love the way you've wrapped and embellished them. I've just caught up on your last couple of posts too, and I would like to say that you are definitely invited along to the Planet Penny Christmas cabin, but with all that snow you'd better bring a 'hot man' with you!
    Penny x

  4. I love to keep empty bottles "just in case".... this is a wonderful idea.

    Your homemade wrapping paper is just perfect with that rickrack. :)

  5. What an amazing gift, you may have a curry with me anytime ;)
    Love that crochet lace on those gorgeous candles!

  6. Love all the little bits and pieces you have made - such a pretty gift!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Penny what a super 'thankyou' present! You really have a good eye, I know they will love receiving it...and I'm equally sure you'll be invited back for more curry!!

  8. This is an absolutely delightful gift - I bet your friends were thrilled.
    V x

  9. Hehehe - listen to us both wax lyrical-ing about beautifully wrapped presies!!! How sweet you are to throw together such a thoughtful gift, it makes the wine and cadbury's fruit and nut, that I usually take, look a bit bobbins! xx

  10. So cute! I love your crochet work.