Wednesday 12 December 2012

Wonky Wednesday posts

{Random part of my jewellery collection}

Hello bloggy friends

I've been getting excited about today being 12/12/12 I don't know why really but it just tickled me so much so that I had to stop my patient in my clinic this morning at 12h12 to exclaim this remarkable day*. The first and only one:two one:two one:two day I will ever live through. I sometimes wonder if Alice will have children one day who will then have me as their granny born way back in the previous century of 1970! I know I would have been fascinated if one of my grannies had been born before 1900. 

* My patient was just as enamoured as me, I promise that their treatment wasn't compromised :o)

Anyway, it got me thinking in the car on the way home about today being a Wednesday on this number happy day and in order to see me through the next few Winter months I am going to start a bit of a  "W" themed Wednesday, not only because I love this mid-working week day (Tuesdays have always given me the heebie jeebies, they feel like "nothing" days to me, not at the beginning or middle or towards the end)Please forgive me, I have no rhyme or reason for this odd thinking, I am not superstitious in any shape or form but also don't like odd number birthdays, no rhyme or reason, my friends, just a bit wonky and weird I am. 

{Random photo of myself in the Summer}

I know that some blogger's have a "Wordless Wednesday" theme on their blogs which I have always enjoyed, so I decided that my Wednesday posts will begin with a...
Adjectives like; wonky, wonderful, walloping, warped, wordless, wasted, waxy, wavy, weary, weepy, whimsical, wild, wicked, weird, wintry, wimpish, whacky, witty, woeful, wishful, wooden, wordy, wonderous, worthy, wrought, wrinkled, wrecked, worrisome and woozy. 
Those are all I can think of right now, I am sure there are plenty more in the dictionary.

My posts will mostly have works of art, craft, photographs, images or little video clips that I have found and loved on the net, purely for my logging and amusement and ones that I think are worth sharing with you gorgeous people if you haven't already discovered them for yourselves. I will of course always endeavour to remain true to linking the original source.

{Speech bubble made by my beautiful friend, Bronwen found here and here}

So what say ye? I think I will start this special Wednesday with a lovely:           

Wonderful Wednesday

Swedish artist Michael Johansson fascinates me. His sculptures and installations are a wonderful collage of textures, colours and objects re-purposed.

Rubiks Kök (Rubik's Kitchen) - Michael Johansson

Wonderful or what?


  1. I'll look forward to reading your Wednesday's Penelope. We got a bit here and there about the date too.

    Wonderful to see a photo of you at last. Not as I imagined you, but seems how I thought you would be too, if that makes any kind of sense.


  2. It's a great idea! And you're looking good. As is that fabulous art - marvellous stuff!

    Off topic... would you be able to email me? (I don't have your address). My email is 15coastroad [at] gmail [dot] com - I need to ask you some stuff. Thanks. :)

  3. I have never come across Mr Johansson before and I concede that I have clearly been missing out - such a cool idea, that last installation is amazing!

  4. Weally weird! But pretty amazing. Thinking about how he must have such fun collecting the items he uses in his pieces.

    Love the summer hair.

    Hope all is well.

  5. My grandparents were born before 1900. And you are right, Michael Johannson is GREAT. ;-)

  6. Wow! That's Wonderful and Wizard! What a great idea Penelope, and thanks for introducing me to the amazing work of Michael Johansson. I don't know how I've missed him 'till now, his work is right up my street.

    Looking forward to your future posts,

    Penny x

  7. Incredible images, Penny, thanks for sharing them.

    Great idea to have Wubbleyew Wednesdays, shall look forward to them. I was sat up late last night on line and there was a blogger in Australia getting all het-up about the approach of 121212. She got over it!


  8. Very wonderful! I love the between the houses piece. Great idea Penelope :)