Thursday 13 December 2012

Gifts from the garden

I do hope you are all having a week full of joyful moments and not too much stress with Christmas approaching? I wanted to share this lovely book I purchased from The Works here in the UK for the bargain price of £4.99 with the RRP being £16.99. It's a true delight for anyone who has a garden and who likes to use what they grow to make, bake and preserve.

These are some of the pictures from inside this beautifully put together book. Making your own eye press, biscuits with lavender, pressing flowers for applying to candles,catnip mice for your kitty etc. Visually,this book entices you and inspires you to "think outside the box" of what your garden, big or small can offer you. I am almost tempted to keep it for myself but, alas this will be wrapped and lovingly given to Janie this Christmas, a dear friend of mine who is Alice's after school arts and crafts teacher.

She has the greenest fingers and the most beautiful English country garden ever! Oh and she knows all the botanical names of every plant, big and small, I feel very blessed to know her and often end up nodding pretending in a "knowingly manner" that I too am familiar with such botanical terminology :o)

Anyway, did any of you notice the little floral tea towel with silver crochet edge in all of the collage photos above?

Well,I couldn't just give her that glorious book, she needed a little something else I believe.

A little bit of embroidery to help you whistle while you work...

Or,you could just Sing...."Sing the Song you were born to Sing"

Quote taken from here

Did you spot the two little chirpy musical notes coming from the birdies beak? That made it extra fun for me.

This so so easy to do and for someone like me who hasn't a clue on how to embroider beautifully and skillfully it was made much easier by using one of those vanishing fabric marker pens and then all I did was follow the lines with some pretty colourful stitches. 
I love the idea of secretly stitched words and have stitched some secret words into a couple of pillow cases for Alice this Christmas, I do hope she finds them :o)

Thanks for all your comments, I love them so much and I do try and visit all of your blogs if time allows.
Till next time


  1. What a fabulous book ... I must get down to the works. And I love your sweet embroidery. just gorgeous. X

  2. Oh my word what a beautiful gift, she will LOVE it. You always give such inventive presents!
    Kate x

  3. What a lovely idea - secret words - and I like how the bird and quote almost blend into the fabric, but not quite.

    Those pressed-flower candles are so beautiful, I couldn't bear to burn them. The biscuits, on the other hand, would be gone in a trice.

    P.S. I was thinking how amazing it was that your cloth matched so exactly the one in the book - just realized your cloth was on top of the book! It blends in so well I thought it was one of the projects. :)

  4. What a lovely thoughtful gift, and so much lovlier for being hand-made! I love writing on textiles too Penny, there is just something about stitching the words, and somehow they tie everything together. And I ove the idea of secret writing too!

    The works is a great place for picking up amazing bargains.Lx

  5. That is just so lovely, I think she will be really touched. will have to have a look for the book, just my thing :-) happy weekend x

  6. What a super idea, it's a really lovely gift! :)

  7. I love the look of this book - it looks super gorgeous - and your embroidery is really sweet.

    Nina x