Tuesday 4 December 2012

Do you sleep with a "hot man" ?

Did the title of this post grab your attention? I couldn't resist it as my mother-in-law made me giggle a few weeks ago with her annual "hot man" story. Ever since I have known her she has always delighted in telling me each Winter time how much better she sleeps with a "hot man". It's a silly standing joke between us but, after seeing the Coco Rose Diaries tutorial for a crocheted hot water bottle cover I knew that I had to indulge in making a few of these for Christmas presents (including one for my mother-in-law).

So this is my first crocheted "hot man" for my mother-in-law

She is originally from Glasgow and I thought I might add some of her family Gordon tartan ribbon to this very red "hot man" but then the Christmas Spirit overwhelmed me and I felt some holly would be more appropriate. I hope she likes it. I have crocheted it together with some sparkly sequined yarn (although not very obvious in this photo) for a bit more festivity. 

Then I got a bit excited and made two more... from this lovely yarn and my thrifty £1 "hot men" from Poundland here in the UK.

I am yet to embellish them with something festive, but they are patiently waiting in the queue {One for Alice and one for me too - how can I resist a "hot man"!!} 

I also decided to make one similar to the Coco Rose Diaries one with some of Lucy from Attic 24's May roses which I think are rather sweet and romantic looking. This one is for my sister-in-law.

I must say, that these have ended up costing me no more than my time, some love and thought and about £5 which is an added bonus. Yay, I love me a "hot man" or two :-D How about you? Do you like sleeping with a "hot man" in Winter?


  1. But of course - and my man is VERY hot! :)

  2. your relations will love them Penelope, they are such lovely, handmade gifts, I love getting a hot man for a gift as when it gets cold I like a few at a time! ;OP
    yay for Christmas present crafting, I'm not sure if I've finished yet, but I'm getting through the list!

  3. Love it. Made me laugh. Then I got thinking, we have only one hot man in this house (Big J and Adam may not agree...) and our pup gets to sleep with him/it. As it gets colder I have been thinking how I want one too and now that I have seen your lovely covers, I REALLY want one!!

  4. Oh yes, I sleep so much better if I have a 'hot man' to warm my feet on!

  5. They are super! Yes, the title did grab me! :)

  6. Lovely 'hot men', I want to make some myself as gifts but I am having to be strict with myself as I have started but not finished so many things already. But then, if the bottles are only £1 at Poundland perhaps I would be a fool not to do them anyway! Love, Mrs RV x

  7. I've been sleeping with my 'hot man' for the past three weeks. We have no heating upstairs and so a hot man is vital!

  8. Hello festive December Penny!

    I have enjoyed catching up with your last posts and am jolly glad to read about the contentment you are so good at catching sight and hold of. I love your hot men! I spotted them on Vanessa's blog recently and I love your super duper Christmassy one for your mother-in-law! Holly does it for me every time!

    Stay warm and happy, Penelope!

  9. They look gorgeous Penelope!
    Victoria xx

  10. Good Lord yes Penelope a hot man would be fantastic, but for now I just shove my feet up behind me between my man's hot legs. Have to do it slowly or I wake him up. Ho Ho. You've sold me on making these saying they're quick and they do look so very good. Bet Alice will love hers. Wonder what you'll decorate it with.

    Quick question, just thought you might know. Do you have any patterns or know where I can get one for some tiny knitted stockings. I fancy a row of them for a knitted garland. Just another thing buzzing around my head at the moment.


  11. Uh huh! And a hot water bottle...which he hates, but it saves me sticking ice cold feet on him every night.

    Nina x

  12. Of course I do .. but rarely a hot water bottle!
    Love yours though xx

  13. Hahaha! :-) I'm sure she'll like it.

  14. So funny - my man HATES it when I get into bed with freeeeezing cold feet and immediately tuck them under him to warm up!! I think I need to hook myself one of these waterbottles ...