Friday 28 December 2012

You can't always get what you want

But if you try sometimes, you just might find
You get what you need

Our beautiful girl made us this ceramic bird feeder for Christmas

I am hoping that your festivities around Christmas were joyous and your gatherings were memorable (good or not so good?). It's been a strange ol' time for me this Christmas, I've been overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia and sheer sadness that I have found hard to shake. I have surprised myself in letting my feelings surface in the quiet recesses of the past few days and can honestly say there have been moments when I have really struggled to compartmentalise the heaviness that life has brought to us this year. 

This blog is not a forum for me to shed "my load" as such for I know we all have our heaviness to bear in different shapes and forms and I do not believe in self pity, but I honestly can say that with hand on heart I am pleased its all over which is the first time in my 42 and 1/2 years I have felt like this. It wasn't intended or planned or carried in my mind to be released during this break from work and the usual routines, it just happened. I must say that I have been surprised and to add a cherry on the top, crazy family stuff always seems to surface its fuzzy ugly head at this time of the year too...

And so, the Rolling Stones have been an unexpected solace for me in my headphones these past few days. Sometimes life surprises you when "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need".

Thank you all for visiting, 
I do love to hear from you.
I'll be back on a more cheery note soon I promise


  1. I have that same feeling this year too, also for the first time. I know my big 'things' wont change in the short term but am going to try to record some small every day happiness on my blog to keep my focus on the positive.
    A lull over Christmas and New Year for your feelings to come to the surface will have done you good. Wishing you good times in 2013, Jo xx

  2. Bless you Penelope, you have indeed had some very heavy bags to carry around with you, it's no wonder you feel overwhelmed and struggling to put one step in front of the other! But that's what you will do I'm sure, just think about the next step, not the next mile, you will get there! As much as we might love Christmas it can throw up all sorts of feelings in us, take care my friend, be easy on yourself! :) x

  3. Here's hoping 2013 is a better year for you Penny :-)

  4. The real feelings we put aside to cope with work and daily routine always surface once we stop. Glad they have for you as I firmly believe it's bad for your health to not acknowldege them to be honest. Here's hoping to a better new year. We've had some real up's and down's too, but onwards and upwards I say. I like you always think my blog should really be a happy place, but sometimes the reality has to kick in so sod it once in a while and here's to you feeling more upbeat very soon Penelope.

    Lisa X

  5. We have all permitted ourselves to have a little 'spill over' into our blogs these last few months, and I think we all understand how neccesary it sometimes is. I found it very difficult to get into the Christmas spirit this year, and despite the prospect of a glorious month wth our lovely younger son in New Zealand I'm still trying to lift, lift, lift my spirits. But I know it will pass. sometimes it's things that happen which throw us off kilter, and sometimes it's just ourselves. But we get there in the end, and often just knowing that we are being listened to and appreciated...yes, even by someone who we've never met - helps turn the downward spiral.

    Sorry Penny, I'm rambling here, but just want you to know that we do understand, even if we only know 'the half of it'! And your blog gives such pleasure to others - what goes around comes around. All good wishes for a lovely New Year. Lx

  6. I've had these feelings too this year, although (or because?) it all felt so promissing before and I didn't have any problems to get into Christmas spirit. But then I've felt down although the company (family mostly) was lovely. Nontheless, I've been thinking a lot about what went wrong during the last 10 years and couldn't stop it.

    But finally, my greatest Christmas gift was seeing my troubled boy well again the day after Christmas. Now I feel ready to face the new year.

    I think it is comforting to see or read that others have the same struggles.

    I wish you all the best! Regula

  7. I think we all go through these feelings -- mine were mostly because of the stress at my job, to the point where I did Christmas solo this year.

    I'm better for it a few days later; I think sometimes we just have to allow those feelings to surface, work through them, then move on. Glad you're on the other side now.

    Best to you for 2013!

  8. I find that, as others have said, it is best to acknowledge these feelings then we can move on from them. I am sure the break from work did you good despite the sadness and nostalgia you felt. I hope now, a few days later, you are feeling better. Here's to a better 2013 for all of us.
    Victoria x

  9. Never apologise for an injection of the real here Pen. We understand, and your readers with blogs all do the same on theirs sometimes. Life is often tough, but only when we say it's hurting can others offer solace. Have a hug from North Wales, and know if I was closer I'd be on your doorstep with wine and cake x

  10. I echo Annie and will add a big squishy hug from Australia. Life!!!
    xx Sandi

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