Thursday 10 January 2013



This week has been a good 'un, my lovelies. Oh yes it's one I need to celebrate and appreciate. We have added one jolly good thing into our jolly jar and that feels satisfying with it only being the second week of January.

So here goes with some of the little things that have added to my week;

1. Simple chickpea, tomato and spinach soup with my experiment of mini bhaji and potato pasties which made a yummy accompaniment.

2. 50p Small Burton china swan which will take a little posy of flowers this Spring.

3. Sewing a new duvet cover from old Horrocks sheets on Saturday morning. It was freezing sewing in the unheated attic, but I loved getting my overlocker my mum gave me for my 40th birthday out. 

4. Planning which of my old crochet doilies to sew onto the cover

5. Charity shop sales in January (I can't remember this normally happening?)and snapping up this embroidery thread for 25p per colour on Saturday afternoon.

6. A one quid cotton baby pink baby blanket which I plan to up-cycle to something pretty for a friend's little 2 year old girl.

So that's a few snippets of my past week. How about you? Hope your  second January week has given some joy?

Have a delightful weekend 

I am on the brink of finishing knitting a hat for myself and have  painstakingly pulled out the one I knitted for Andy a couple of years ago since it has stretched beyond belief after realising that I used DK instead of 4 ply! Two years down the line I can say that I have learnt a little something about actually following the yarn weight recommendations for the pattern :o)


  1. Soup looks delicious Penelope. Good to hear you so upbeat. M tired tonight will reply tomorrow she asked me to say.


  2. This all look gorgeous! And the sheet you used to make the duvet cover looks a lot like a sheet I recently used to make a dress, haha!

    Katie x

  3. Oh, the soup and pasty look wonderful. Love that little swan and your new duvet cover - and your gorgeous pillowslips!

    Embroidery thread is irresistible, especially when piled in little rainbow heaps like that. :)

    Thanks for sharing your bits of jollity!

  4. You've cheered me up 'good and proper' this morning! Have a very happy weekend! :) x

  5. Charity shop sales - really? Lucky you!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. So pleased you have had uch a good, fortuitous week. Goodness me though, are charity shop sales a sign of the times I wonder? Enjoy your Horrocks duvet, I made pjs or my girl from them a year or so ago.
    Happy weekend xox

  7. Loved you happy things:) x The swan is a proper charity shop bloggers dream! x