Tuesday 15 January 2013

Woolly Wednesdays

Hi, hello, how are you?

This is meant to be my Wednesday post, but I won't have any time tomorrow, so it's appearing early.
How do you like my honeycomb hat? I'm calling it the honeycomb hat because of the colour of the Madelinetosh skein that I chose when I went to Loop in London last December. This has got to be the most beautiful yarn to knit with, it's so soft and lush and just slips off my knitting needles. I adore it (but not the price, hence only 1 skein was purchased). The colour is called nutmeg, perfectly warm and nutmeg like for this snowy/frosty week!
So here it is, my woolly Wednesday!

The pattern is from Jane Brocket's book The gentle art of knitting and it is so easy and was such a pleasure to knit with this divine yarn. It reminds me of a honeycomb beehive and is definitely keeping my head and ears cosy in this freezing spell.
So, here's to a woolly warm Wednesday for those of us in the Northern hemisphere and for those of you in the Southern hemisphere, hope its a cool cotton one xox Penelope


  1. Hi Penelope just back from four hours driving what normally takes 30 minutes in snow so braindesd. lovely to look at gorgeous pictures. hat looks perfect in that colour and do blinking neat too. I really enjoyed knitting that pattern up too. when brain in gear want to read your previous post as looks interesting but my mind not taking it in, a treat for later when the house quiet and all mine.
    Millie replying to Alice tonight, apologise to her .for delay.

  2. It's brilliant, I would call it a crunchy hat, I used to love crunchies! Did you eat them? You know that saying, I'll eat my hat......... :) x

  3. It's gorgeous - I've never worked with Madelinetosh yarn but even the name suggests luxe and softness!

    What a perfect colour to go with that lovely red hair. :)

  4. ..a gorgeous hat and a lovely blog...just found you and happy to be following! x

  5. I love love love your hat, what a gorgeous colour :-)
    sophie x

  6. I was just reading Nina's blog when I read that you had snow in East Sussex and I was so surprised as we are here in East Sussex too, longing for a sniff of a snowflake! Isn't it amazing how the weather is so localised....fingers crossed for Friday, maybe? I love the name of your blog by the way! Hello, I'm Sarah, nice to meet you,


  7. I love your hat - the pattern (I have just had to smack my hand as it hovered over the Jane Brocket book on Amazon) and the colour. I was also in Loop in December buying just one skein but I haven't knitted mine up yet.

  8. I love the colour and it looks super warm and comfy.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x