Wednesday 30 January 2013

Wishful Wednesday

I'm late with my W for Wednesday post, it's 11pm and I want to get something out before midnight. I am having a weird sleeping cycle week this week...I keep getting sleepy around 7pm whilst reading or just being cosy on the couch and find myself taking forty winks which is really interrupting my normal sleep cycle. Come on January be gone with you and your dark, cold days! I guess I shouldn't be too harsh, you did shine with blue skies after a rainy start today.

So here's to some serious wishful thinking. I have become a real admirer of Daniel Heath's work and thought you might like to see some it too?

His beautiful wall papers

Will they ever adorn my walls one day?

What can I possibly say about these antique wall mirrors?

Oh, and textiles too...

Yes please and thank you very much Mr. Heath

Ahhh, sometimes it's just nice to be a little wishful don't you think?

All images from here
Go have a look, it might just make you wishful too x


  1. Now those wallpapers are just perfect! And I'm still looking for something for the studio wall that needs papering ... hmmm ...

  2. I've never heard of Daniel Heath, but his work is fabulous. I would love one of those mirrors... not to mention the wall paper!
    Hope your sleep sorts itself out soon. x

  3. These are all so beautiful. I love them too. We all need to dream and be wishful. My Dad always said "never let anybody take away your dreams. Without dreams you may as well not exist." I think that this is very true.
    Rosie xx

  4. Oooh, new to me, but oh so the wallpapers and mirrors....I love those old mirrors on chains I have a few of them, but we haven't hung them in our new house, I must look them out again.

    I do hope that your normal sleep returns more forty winks at seven young lady!

  5. Lovely stuff here, thanks for sharing! My sleep pattern is all over the place too.....yes lighter evenings, bliss! :) x