Wednesday 2 January 2013

Whimsical Wednesday

2013 calendar freebie!
Whimsical Mini Calendar 2013 Freebie // The Ink Nest // here

Hello you lovelies

I am back to my "W" Wednesdays for the next 2-3 months to see me through the rest of the Winter. See my original post here.

I bought a copy of Mollie Makes magazine with its free 2013 Calender in November 2012 and for the life of me cannot find the little critter. I have searched high and low and thrown papers and dust fluffy bits about to find it,but alas it has grown legs and walked (or so my mum would say!)

I will not rest until I can find it, but until them I will print off this rather beautifully illustrated Whimsical Mini Calender to keep me organised with birthdays, school term dates and the occasional outing.

I love the Ink Nest very much and hope you too will glean some similar joy from what they have to offer.

Ok, now its time for left over Coffee Cake and tea from Andy's birthday on 1/1/2012 made by Alice from this easy peasy recipe here

Whishing you all a Whimsical Wednesday


  1. mmmm coffee cake sounds scrumptious....but I must exercise control from now on Penelope....Christmas goodies have taken their toll!!
    This lovely mini-calender may do very well for class...going to pop over there now for a look see.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. Hi Penelope
    in reply to your comment on my giveaway post
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    A xx

    1. Hi
      I see you now on my list...Thank you for following!

      A xx

  3. We've not gone for my usual eye candy calendar and bought a donkey one instead. We adore them so a different and much quieter one each month. Hopefully yours will turn up soon if not I'm sure mine is still in the pile by my desk.

    Glad you're joining in with the swap Penelope.

    Lisa X

  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday Andy - hope the cake wasn't really left over from 2012! If you can't find your Mollie Makes calendar you can have mine as I have a lovely Cornwall one. Karen x

  5. Happy New Year, I do hope you find the calendar before December ;)

  6. I'm always doing stuff like that, you watch, it's will suddenly appear in July! :) x

  7. D'you know, when we moved at the end of November, I put my 'can't do without' Christmas day cookbook in an obvious place so that could refer to my timing and planner for Christmas lunch, I turned the room upside down with all of our boxes in it for days with no success, I found it about three days after Christmas day....I honestly thought I was going loopy, funny thing is that I looked through the same boxes, not ther....then there!

    Isn't whimsical a great word?!