Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Woman's Hour Wednesday

Last week I absolutely loved having the chance to hear all about Miss Moti (whilst driving in my job) on Woman's Hour (here).  

Fripa Joshi, the Nepalese illustrator and comic Artist and creator of Miss Moti was interviewed about this realistic and delightful character she has created in a world full of slim and super hero female comics.

I found this quote from Fripa on her website:

The protagonist of my comics, Miss Moti, was born out my own issue with negative body image. In a world that places so much important on appearance, Miss Moti is an unlikely ‘hero’. She is plump and big and, on the outside, her life might seem very ordinary. However, as her fertile imagination blurs the line between fantasy and reality, we realize that her life, like her personality, is indeed extraordinary.

I absolutely adore her and hope you do too.

I love the way her polka dots drop off her dress as she feel lighter and more free from the world's constraints about body image.
Have a look at this complete comic strip here, it's great!

Hope you've enjoyed Miss Moti as much as I have

See you soon


  1. Yes, the dropping dots are fascinating. I wish I could climb into a warm tropical island world about now ... though I'd probably keep at least some clothes on. :)

    Miss Moti reminds me of Precious Ramotswe, the "traditionally built" Botswanan detective in Alexander McCall Smith's charming No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series.

    P.S. Love the panel with Adonis (or is it David?) and the rose.

  2. We need more Miss Motis' in the world, having 2 young daughters I hate how they are brain washed by society! :) x