Friday 4 January 2013

52 Weeks of happy (1/52)

My goodness, it's only been a 3 day week at work for me this week  and I feel like it's been full on from the time I've got to work and left at the end of the day. 
A pretty brooch made by my clever friend Bronwen
How did your New Year start off? We went to a little New Years day gathering which was just so lovely and cheery despite the weather. Come Wednesday morning, I awoke from very little sleep to start my new year at work. Our little Alice had kept me up with a nasty temperature and infection most of Tuesday night, so by the time my alarm went off I was not best pleased. 

This feeling followed by getting to work to be told that my office needed to be packed up there and then because the decorators were waiting to start re-decorating without any real warning! To top my second day of the new year, my exhaust decided to die on me so needed replacing with a £200+ bill....oh, deep joy!

Andy bought me these to add a little colour to my day
So, that was my beginning to this fresh new year! I crawled into bed on Wednesday grateful to have a belly full of veggie spaghetti bolognese and a my book to read. I knew Thursday had to only get better.

The new tea room in our local park
And it did which was a blessing indeed. I came home and relaxed with a glass of wine and had a little look at some of the blogs I like to read and found this one on Jacquie of Bunny Mummy's blog*. A post about celebrating the joy that small things can bring throughout each week of this year. Yes, I thought that's going to be ME this year of 2013 and so I will start this first week off looking at all the joyful parts of my week rather than the disastrous ones and hopefully keep up each week with the small itty bitty bits of my life that I must celebrate and wallow in the joy they bring.

* Original idea from here

So,here goes...

1. Some embroidery on a charity shop bought new born baby grow for a colleague who is having her first babe in February

2. A much deserved candle light bath

3.Finding my 2013 calender under the plethora of Christmas cards

4. The joy of giving presents in this first week of 2013

5. Oh, my glorious golden mustard knitting

6. Opting to buy a £2 pot of bulbs on the promise of growing red tulips instead of a bunch of red tulips for the same price

It's all about these simple joys don't you think?
Would you think about joining in?

I hope you enjoy me indulging in this new year activity and I also hope I can keep it up! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone


  1. Yipee , so glad you are in too Penelope. I LOVE your happy things, especially the tulip bulbs. I love watching bulbs grow a little every day ....the anticipation make them so much more special when they finally arrive .The baby grow embroidery is so charming too.
    Hope work gets less stressy soon.
    Jacquie x

  2. Glad things got better for you, and glad you found that lovely calendar! It is the little things that make us happy! :) x

  3. Happy New Year! Very good advice to concentrate on the good, something I need to take more time to do. I shall look out for some bulbs, good thinking.

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  4. You remind me I meant to plant some bulbs in an old cup, if I can only find one! Glad you found the calendar x

  5. All six of your happy things are a joy Penelope but those last two really rang a bell with me like Kate commenting above me, you've reminded me that I have bulbs waiting to be planted. And there is always knitting here. Simple pleasures are the best, as you say :D

  6. I have never planted bulbs - what a great idea and yes, a much better deal than cut flowers. Thanks for all your sunny, cheerful photos!

    P.S. My last two weeks at work have been exactly like yours was. SO glad it's Friday! :)

  7. About to go back to work tomorrow - it certainly makes you look around and appreciate what's around you. Mostly I'll miss the lovely long lie ins - how I'll get up at 7am is beyond me - wish me luck!