Thursday 24 January 2013


Have you had a good week despite some disruption of snow and the freeeeeezzzzzing air? (or for those of you down South, hot air?)

My week has been filled with these little critters, the papa, mama and baby bear crochet faces I made while playing with my Rowan fine tweed yarn. Alice did me the honour of drawing on their faces with felt tip and obviously decided they needed to be sleeping bears, something this little family of 3 know and love to do!

They are rather sweet don't you think? Simple dc crochet circles around pebbles found on our beech. As for the ears.... well these are just freestyle and turned out quite cute. I think they look like quite a contented bear family and not grizzly and growling this January of 2013. This pleases me somewhat!

Simply watching £1 daffodils opening as the snow melts away this week. Nothing can compare, especially with having no real sunshine this week.

Next up was being asked to embellish my friend Helen's hat with a crochet flower or two to go with her felted fingerless gloves I made for her (here) this Christmas

Rubbish photo taken in gloomy light before Christmas!
I always feel very humbled at people asking me to make a little something for them and I was only too pleased to hook up some quick roses and leaves for her hat which she happened to have lurking in a cupboard and which just happened to be very similar to my felted charity shop Accesorize scarf I up-cycled into gloves for her!

And last,but of course not least, treating myself to some coconut shell heart shaped buttons and teeny tiny 2mm dpns for teeny tiny things to come. I photographed these on some vibrant turquoise crochet that will need to remain a little secret till I swap with my lovely swap partner for Ada from Vintage Sheet Addict blog's swap.

I love this Swedish yarn called Millamia it's so beautiful to work with and I'm excited about this swap which I will no doubt be blogging about in the near future. Oh and if you like the idea of a swapsie why not pop over to Lisa's lovely blog BoBo Bun here and add your name to her list before 27/1/13.

Right, that's me for this 4th week of January. I need to make my tartan embellishment for the Burns night haggis dooo we have been invited to tomorrow (my first time I'll be trying vegetarian haggis, hope its yummy). Its rather funny that I have never been to a Burns night before, despite my maiden name being Burns. Funny that!

Have a marvellous weekend wherever you are and whatever you're doing and see you soon.


  1. ...those little pebble bears are adorable and such a clever idea....i have been watching my daffs opening too....lovely to have a splash of colour after all that white! have a lovely weekend x

  2. Those little bears are great, in fact I think all stones need little crochet hats, especially in this cold weather!b:) x

  3. Gorgeous - all of it! The £1 daffodils are worth every penny, I think. Your bear pebbles are fabulous - has Alice asked to learn crochet so she can make her own?

  4. You're one good friend to have as you're always making something so lovely for others Penelope. Love those wee bears, bet Alice does too.

    Burns night veggie haggis, I can't imagine what that will be like, please do share how it tasted won't you as the meat version sounds vile. Have fun bet it'll be fun even without the haggis.

    Lisa X

  5. Gorgeous bears, faces are always hard to capture, Alice is a clever girl. I'm liking my sleep too, rather too much recently when its so hard to get out in the morning when it's warm under the duvet.

    Love your crochet flowers, your friends are certainly blessed to have you as their friend.

  6. I showed these lovely little cutie sleeping stones and he immediately fell in love with them. Must make some.
    Rosie xx

  7. I love those pebbly bears. They are too sweet. :-) Have a nice weekend and keep warm. Regula

  8. Oh those bears are lovely - they look like they are having sweet dreams. Looking forward to seeing what comes off the 2mm needles - I've never gone below a 4!

  9. What a delightful post, Penelope! Those bears are adorable with very peaceful expressions. Daffodils are such splendid flowers. We have had so much pleasure from our hyacinth bulbs this year that I went back to the garden store to buy some more only to find that hyacinth bulb seasons was on its way out, already! That's the thing about spring: once it really arrives it just goes way too fast!

    Have a lovely week Penelope,


  10. The bears look just like I feel on a winter's morning - happy and warm and not wanting to wake up!

    What lovely, lovely daffodils - like sunshine in a vase. Love the crochet roses too.

    Happy belated Burns Day! (Would love to see a photo of your tartan embellishment.)