Friday, 18 January 2013


Hey hey it's Friday, time to remember some of the little bits of my week...

  • First up, is some crochet. Oh my I felt this serious NEED to crochet, that happens when I've been knitting too much and it's vice versa when I've been crocheting too long. I feel really blessed that I have both these skills. Definitely worth celebrating and being grateful for. I've been playing with some Rowan yard tweedy yarn I bought on our last trip to London. This little bit of fun crochet with beach pebbles will be revealed soon! 

  • I must celebrate the sprinkle of snow we woke up to on Monday morning.It was only a thin layer but beautiful none the less and to top it all a little surprise message from our girly on my car front windscreen which she must have written on her way to the bus stop. (Why don't 12 year old's wear gloves...can someone please tell me? My guess is that's its far too uncool but her answer is that her hands don't get cold! comment) 

  • Finding some of my lavender that I gathered from my pots in the summer in our little outside bicycle shed by sheer accident. I genuinely forgot it was there until I was greeted with the most divinely smelling shed known to (wo)man when I opened the door :o) I will be removing the flowers from the stalks this weekend and no doubt thinking of where I can sneak some into drawers. Isn't it just gorgeous?

  • Look at what the desire to crochet makes me do! I don't know what it is but it's a crochet something of the botanical kind in my mind. Alice thinks its an acorn, I almost agree but actually think it's an new species undiscovered to mankind...... the acornlatis hookilaris

  • And last but not least, a GIANT custard cream bought at a rather well known coffee take out. I can put my hand on heart and say that this was bought as a "family" biscuit at £1.45  for it's ginormous* size. However, it may, just may have come home with a bite or two in it.I like fun things like this as long as they are taken in their context and not literally as a biscuit for one. Gosh, that would be scary taking portion distortion to another level!

That's me done for the week, I hope everyone stays safe and warm if it snows in your patch. It's 7.15am here and the sky looks pregnant with snow. We're excited and prepared with wellies and bottom sleighs (those plastic thingy's don't know what they are called). Forget the fact that the roads will come to a grinding halt and all the bread will be sold out at the supermarkets!(this phenomenon has always baffled me?)

Off to work I go...
Sending love and sprinkles of pretties to you all

* portions for giants


  1. That buscuit looks so delicious. perfect for a snow day with a warm cup of tea ... oh if only I was Mike TV from charlie and the chocolate factory and could reach in a grab it!


  2. Gorgeous lavender! And that biscuit, crazy!

    Lots of snow here for once! How are you faring?

  3. Love your acorn - so cute! :)

    The sky looks about to burst - hubby is dying for a huge dump of snow so he can use the snow and their toys :)

  4. I've got a bag of lavender in my craft cupboard I keep popping my head in for a smell! I love those colours together....and that sweet little acorn! :) x

  5. No snow here in Greenock ..... yet! Love the lavender photo!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Love the acorn - so cute! And as for that biscuit....what can I say?(apart from enjoy!)

  7. I love your hooky acorn -very sweet! And am intrigued by the crochet pebbles too.

  8. Hello lovely Penelope? Isn't Rowan Tweed the best? I have a bit of a weakness for it although I find it has a tendency to slip off my needles a little too much for my liking!

    Your picture of lavender is unexpected and completely gorgeous! The colours are both muted and rich (a bit like the Rowan Tweed colour range, but I digress). We are hoping, hoping for snow and have had our first sprinkling today too. They say in our parts that the Loire river acts as a barrage to snowfall which is ridiculous because all towns west and east of us have the same river flowing through them AND heavy snowfall. Fingers crossed for you and us, then!

    Have a cosy, crocheting weekend!

  9. Bumskis! I was tempted to buy some last week at only £2.99 a pop but am now the worst mum EVER for doubting the prospect of any snow. Ho hum. Your lavender looks beautiful I bet that was a lovely surprise. Lots of snow over here in Staffordshire but I am in the best place - in front of a roaring fire. Keep warm x

  10. That is one giant biscuit! Great for sharing. I love to crochet and although I can knit a little it is very basic stuff. I tend to sew when i want a change.

    Love your little acorn the colours are so pretty and muted and soft.

    Wishing you and yours a great weekend.

    P x

  11. I think we call those sleds "dishes" over here - if it's the round kind you mean.

    Awesome to find lavender like that, all dried and ready to go!

    Your snow looks like the perfect, fluffy kind. And - no offense meant - but why exactly does an inch or so of the stuff bring your wonderful island to such a grinding halt? I can't quite figure that out. But perhaps it's a good thing - a temporary shutdown means snow days and time for sledding and crocheting and hot chocolate and ginormous biscuits. Enjoy! :)

  12. I wish we had a little snow here, to make everything look pretty. Love the tweedy yarn colors, and I'm wishing for a biscuit right this minute, to go with my coffee. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Hello darling. Please excuse my prolonged absence - silly old unfixable internet probs at my end ... should really have made use of teh time to prepare lots of bloggy posts, but quite frankly I've been feeling a bit uninspired ... need to get out of the rut. Have loved catching up with all your busy blogging - gorge woody wednesday finds (right up my strasse), lovely tweedy crochet, and I know exactly where that gigantic biccie is from!!! I have tasted one of those too!
    Happy New Year xxx