Friday 8 February 2013

52 weeks of happy 6/52

This week has been a great learning curve for me at work and making further links with the Surgeons and Gastroenterologists that I work with. Amazing how my Career as a Dietitian which started over 20 years ago has almost come full circle to working with surgeons and gastroenterologists again. I'm loving getting back into the nitty gritty of how influential my role is in working side by side with these other specialists. Sorry...I get a bit passionate about my profession...ok on with my weekly happy little things.

I was a little excited when I found 2 vintage sheets for a pound each in a charity shop. I am determined to make us a patchwork duvet cover this Spring time and these two beauties will be most definitely be added to my stash and become part of the patchwork.

Nothing more comforting than homemade spicy carrot and lentil soup (quick no fuss recipe found here)and some yummy bread on a cold Sunday lunch time.

On Wednesday I came home to a big fat parcel waiting for me and was over the moon when I received this gorgeous Eames mid-century fabric cushion made by Ellie from Jelly Jam. She generously let me have a browse around her blog and Etsy shop and I could not have been more excited when I spotted her gorgeous taste in vintage fabrics...oh and be still my beating Ray Eames fabric heart! So here she is, this little beauty which no one was allowed to touch or cuddle till I had admired and soaked these beautiful patterns in :o)

 Is it not a beauty?

Oh I just LOVE it so very much thank you Ellie. Not only did I get this stunning cushion, but Ellie also included a lavender filled fabric heart which is scenting my home with beautiful romantic lavender. I felt rather overwhelmed and grateful for such a generous blogging community. I must also say a HUGE thank you to the gorgeous Ada of Vintage Sheet Addict fame who organised and match made Ellie and I for this blog swap. A really uplifting moment in my week! Thank you x

ps. look how pretty it looks with my chevron crochet blanket

In return, I crocheted some flower embellished fingerless gloves for Ellie in her favourite colour turquoise.

If you want to see her wearing them take a look at her post here

They were an absolute pleasure to make from Millamia Swedish yarn and I am so pleased she is happy with them. Yay, I like a win win situation!

Last but not least my weekly £1 bunch of daffodils split between upstairs and downstairs. My upstairs flowers were popped into this pale blue Meakin milk jug (20p in a junk yard sale) to provide first thing in the morning bathroom delight.

I bid you farewell fellow bloggers,thanks for visiting
Have a good one


  1. What a delightfully happy post. I too would be delighted with those cushions. Gorg fabrics! X

  2. I think the things you both made were gorgeous! Great vintage sheet finds there!
    It's good to have passion for your job, don't ever think otherwise, or apologise! :) x

  3. So good to see the cushion tucked up with its new pal the blanket! Really plaesed to send it to an appreciative home and also make a new bloggy friend. I think we have quite a lot in common. I was just catching up with your previous post. I have a 12 year old daughter in Year 7 too!
    Have a lovely weekend. Lounge on your cushion. I shall be wearing my gloves for sure.

  4. Dear Penelope, what a wonderfully cheery post! There is so much here which makes me nod and mutter to myself: I love that too!

    Soup? My favourite cooking therapy: it's fun and good for you.

    Your daffodils immediately made me think of my lovely coffee at our favourite café in our village with my dearest eldest daughter this morning. This haunt of ours is so colourful, both in its decor and the people who run it. I gasped with delight this morning when I saw a big vase of radiant looking daffodils with mimosa (greenhouse cultivated) standing on a neighbouring table. It made me realise how ready I was for spring.

    Snowdrops? My favourite flowers and your pictures are delightful.

    And finally, your flower decorated mittens: ADORABLE!

    Thank you.


  5. What a pretty Springy post! I've just been photographing snowdrops too, I do love them. The fingerless mitts are a delight. xxx

  6. I now have possibly the most severe case of cushion envy known to man ... it is gorgeous Penelope ... and Eames (be still my beating heart)!

    Loved your last post ... a justifiably proud Mum writing about her darling daughter :)

  7. That fabric is gorgeous, the soup looks warming and 'oh my' are those snowdrops.

    Nina x