Wednesday 27 February 2013

Lollipop Lane

You might have seen a hint of these flowers on this post, well I eventually got round to sewing them onto the baby pink cotton blanket I found in a charity shop some time ago.

It was meant to be for a work colleague's little 2 year old but Alice promptly claimed it for herself and hasn't slept a night without it tucked under her covers(hence the slightly squeezed and odd wibbly flower) !

I had grand plans for this blanket, I wanted to make a rainbow garden from Penny's cottons with crochet butterflies, bees, birds and magical swirls, but alas it was adopted far quicker than my fingers could flish flash my crochet hook. And, so a lollipop lane grew from the flowers I crocheted using Bunny Mummy's tutorial (I made some smaller ones and some the exact pattern as they were meant to originally make a flower garden with different size flowers)and made its way into my girlys heart.

It's simple and sweet with one crochet edge covered in red scallops.

We've called it the lollipop lane blanket and I know it will be loved. I hope you are have a good week so far?
I'm trying to ensure I have early nights so as to cope with the early mornings....sometimes easier said than done :o)

See you all soon


  1. Aw, it sounds like this was love at first sight!! It's such an improvement on the original blanket, absolutely lovely, it's a bit like breathing new life into something :) Now you've got to find another blanket to make over and hopefully this one will make it past your daughter ;-) x

  2. What a lovely idea and thrifty to boot. I'd love to see another with a full buzzing garden on x Jane

  3. Hi Penelope, love your blanket ....the lollipops are gorgeous and I'm glad it's found a loving home.
    Jacquie x

  4. Nothing could be more heartwarming than to have your work appreciated and claimed by a little one. I am so glad it has well and truly found a second life due to your sweet creativity.

  5. Nice and inspiring idea for a blanket, I have a little one who would love something like that, thanks for sharing :)

    Lluisa x

  6. It's a lovely blanket, very apt name! Well done! :) x

  7. What a lovely idea, it's so pretty. Lucky Alice!

  8. Loving that blanket....I'm sure you could sneak it away to add some extra's! especially if you feel a bit of a butterfly crochet time is needed...
    Daisy J

  9. OMG - how cute, this defo has to go on my inspiration list for my youngest daughter's blanket ... although by the time I get around to her's she may be in her teens and want something more sophisticated!!

  10. Bless Alice! I don't blame her at all, what a pretty blanket!