Sunday 24 February 2013

52 weeks of happy 8/52 (and a winner)

Having a week off from normal routine has been blissful, we have squeezed quite a few things in catching up with Andy's family in Brighton and going to London together with some cycling, reading, eating yummy food and some crochet.

I hope if you have had half term off this past week with your children its brought some small happies. I also wanted to set the record straight here, in that my life is by no means one happy-go-lucky ride, we have our daily strife believe me, but these posts are about little moments captured by myself that bring some joy.

Firstly, our trip to Tate Modern, London. It was a blissful blue sky day and Alice and I had time to talk and walk soaking in the South Bank. I didn't take any knitting or crochet on the train as I wanted it to be a real day of just us and we had a good giggle at various things and people we observed. It was fun and tiring but so worth it. I love that most of the gallery's and museum's in London are free and have become more and more popular as a consequence of this.
We stayed in Brighton at my mother in laws for a couple of nights and this made the 50 min train ride into Victoria so much easier than our usual 2 hour ride from our home along the coast. Thank you also for all your sweet comments on the tea cosy I made for her, she was over the moon with it and loved its kookiness. 

Next up were these yummy sweet peppers whose colour I was drawn immediately to and then when i roasted them they lived up to their sweet tasting expectations

I showed a sneak peek at what I am crocheting with my left over Planet Penny Cotton in my last post which I will show you once I have sent it off for my swap with Lisa of Bobo Bun but in the meantime I found myself crocheting up some of Jacquie of Bunny Mummy's crochet flowers from her picture tutorial for my up cycling idea for the pink cotton blanket I found in a charity shop some weeks ago.
I hope to finish this in the coming week and will show you what I have made. Penny's cotton yarn is such a pleasure to work with, she sells it in her etsy shop here if you are interested.

And, last but not least a well deserved cup of tea and an Anzac biscuit from The Little Larder in St.Leonards on sea after my freeeeezing cycle there on Thursday.

I had never tasted an Anzac biscuit before and was curious, the first thing that came to mind were "crunchies" that my sister and I made in our South African school hols. We made them with oats, coconut and syrup very similar to this Anzac recipe I found on the net. I think we might just bake some of these sometime soon for memories sake :o)

All in all its been a lovely week and I have had time to rest and recoup before its all engines blazing on Monday morning again.

I now need to announce the winner of my little give-away. Thank you for entering and for putting the post on your blogs(I entered you twice if you did this), much appreciated. I don't like this part where only one person gets to win but fortunately I don't have to choose....

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And the winner is Sooz. Well done, please could you e mail me with your address so I can pop the prize into the post this week sometime. 

Thanks for visiting
See you all soon


  1. Mmmmm ....crunchies! Say no more.

  2. Thank you, I never win anything! Very excited now!

    I like your crochet flowers, very colourful and cheerful :)

  3. I love that your happy pictures are really bursting with colour this week - lovely!

  4. I have eaten Anzac biscuits before. And I was also bolted with on a rogue horse called Anzac, up in the hills surrounding Rotarua, in New Zealand 3 years ago! I have mixed feelings about the name!

  5. Please don't tell me it was THAT train story.... what a giggle with all those rush hour business men trying to look like they were reading their papers! ;)

    1. Ha ha Mrs. not THAT train story, the one that I think I will never live down ;o)
      ps. I meant to say thank you so much for texting me the pic of your baby B with her crochet blankie, it totally made my day and then my battery died and I forgot to text thank you when I recharged my phone! You are very clever at making such beautiful children, oh and S too!

  6. Hi Penelope,
    Such happy colours in your post that BLUE sky and those reddest of peppers.
    I'm excited to see how your blanket makeover turns out and I hope the flower pattern has been what you hoped.
    Here's to the weekend :0)
    Jacquie x

  7. All the free London galleries and museums are just so wonderful aren't they :)

    I love the pepper picture, the contrast of the red on the blue, it looks so Mediterranean!

  8. Don't think I'm odd not commenting on your pics Penelope, I'm afraid I can only see the one of Alice. Really do need to get my broken laptop mended. I must take your sound advice and leave my crochet behind so I can concentrate on what the girls are doing and saying. Millie talks endlessly so I do find myself switching off. Rosey talks in bursts.
    Sounds like you had just the half-term you'd hoped for. Now back to the old routine again. Your bike ride to St L's sounds wonderful despite the biting air. What a fabulous bits and bobs shop. Thankfully I saw the street art. Banksy fascinates me. They were discussing the wall theft on Radio 2 on the awful Jeremy Vine show today in a very angry of middle England at having a hooligan vandalising walls kind of way. Thank god they don't get the point of it all.

  9. What a fantastic shot of Alice against that painting ... and I see she's properly dressed in black for London! :)

    Those peppers do look delicious - if they're the mini ones, they are all the rage over here right now.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with those flowers....

  10. Love the crochet you're doing, must check out penny's site, I'm off to London on Friday.....yippee! :) x

  11. Crunchies are a food staple in this house, my mil gave me the recipe years ago, but I didn't realise it was a south African one, it's funny because it's one of those tastes that always go down well, and I'm always being requested them by's a small world really isn't it?!