Thursday 7 February 2013

Ode to my girly

Alice is 12 and in year 7 at school, her first year in high school. She brought this home last night. An electronic game which everyone in her technology class had a chance to make and decorated to their tastes. I was pretty amazed that my girly had made this, cut the wood, made the electric circuit and designed her game with the finishing touch of a red light in the crown which lights up to say "you're out" if you touch the wire.
Now, I wasn't educated in England and I sometimes find it a juggling act to keep up with the different systems and philosophy of teaching but, to be honest with you I am pleased. Yes, I am very pleased when I see her being able to apply herself like this and learn the theory and then translate that into practice. I am pleased that she has adjusted so well to her new, huge (over 1200 kids) high school and how she has disciplined herself to independently get up and catch her bus by 7.30am to Eastbourne each morning. 
I am pleased with her school and it's discipline and work ethic. I am pleased that she can express herself artistically through most of her homework which has been a turn around from me nagging her in Year 6 to learn her spellings! She needed this, she was ready to start making her way into a a more appropriate environment where she could discern herself and start to carve out her identity.

I am pleased that Alice and I can have time to still play games and listen to records by Elvis and that I can laugh myself silly when she asks me if Granny Burns used to watch Elvis swing his hips on "You tube" in the 1950's!

I am pleased that she is my girl and that I can take delight in all she is always


  1. Lovely... I have a 10 months old baby girl, I would like to have with her the same connection that you are talking here about you and your daughter, is nice and special. Congratulations :))

    Have a nice day!

    Lluisa x

  2. How clever to have that red light at the top - that is a special 'twist' I think. Best advice I have ever been given about the children is to remember that all they really need are 'roots and wings' and this is exactly what your daughter is 'growing'. Lovely stuff
    Best wishes

  3. I love this post...

    ... my boy is the same he is 11 still at primary but so ready for the next step...!

    He once asked me why grandpa listened to those "huge CD's" he was referring to an LP...

    bestest to you today

    daisy x

  4. Just brilliant, yes it is a big change for them, my daughter is the same age. You should be very proud of her, she's doing fantastically well! :) x

  5. My girls are both older than Alice but I was always (and still am) amazed at how readily they adjust and adapt to their surroundings - one of the perks of being a parent is being able to witness this. And as for the record player - with 78rpm - I LOVE it!

  6. Lovely post. It sounds as though your daughter is thriving in this new school and I am happy for you. Her game is impressive, I must say!

    Gillian x

  7. Pretty impressive ... I long for the day when Fred wants to apply himself to school work - its the pits at the moment, we have tantrums and sulks, a huge amount of time wasting, in short it ruins our weekends - I would love his school to have a no homework policy, I don't think kids are ready for it at juniors age, he can't do it independently and the whole episode takes hours. But at the same time I don't want him to consistently not do it if everyone else is doing it, I would be worried he would miss out and I wouldn't want him labelled by the teachers ... a proper vicious circle ...

  8. Funny to think back to how we worried before they went off to high school and then months later find they've settled into their own patterns and are growing more and more each day. When you showed the photo of I love you mum, that Alice had made on your car window on the way to her morning bus I realised our Rosey needs a serious kick up her bum. I'm not too sure if we've overpampered or if her argumentative ways make me pick which arguments are worth having wuth her. We have Millie who goes to primary in the next village on and Rosey at high in the city. Millie (who is easy going) gets dropped off at friends to take her to school while I drive Rosey in as she refuses by crying and screaming to go in with the people over the road. We're trying to manage with only one car so sometimes I drive her in, back with Millie and then back the same way to rush in and teach all day. Moan over. Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your Alice who just gets on with life.

  9. I made one of those in year 7!!! great fun!!