Wednesday 13 February 2013

The hairy apple

Last night this little man climbed down from my printers tray to make his way towards the apple pin cushion I finished knitting in bed with the lurgy yesterday.

It was meant to be felted as per the pattern instructions in my copy of 30 minute knits but, alas the merino wool I knitted with refused to felt and instead turned hairy!

This however, didn't put the wee little garden gnome off, who cheerfully made his way to the apple. Here, he promptly settled himself on top of the apple for warmth from the chills of the mostly empty printers tray in the night.

Ahh, that's better, warm and squishy despite the arrival of pins.

My dearest fellow knitters, if you like quick instant gratification knits this book is for you. There are some truly delightful little knits for us beginners in the 30 minute knits book and I look forward to making many more fun (hopefully not hairy!) things. 

This is officially my 300th post and I did hint at a giveaway in my last post, but unfortunately I've been festering away with a cold over the weekend and most of this week so far and just am too darn tired to put a giveaway together right now. I also have an 8 am dentist appointment tomorrow which I'm dreading. 
I do promise to have one soon though, I have half term off with Alice next week so after we've been away on our little break I hope to post a little give away which will include this homemade, handmade hairy apple for one lucky recipient! 

See you all soon


  1. Aagh - so not nice to be feeling poorly. I hope you get better prontissimo!

    Wonderful pincushion - so sweet - as is that cheeky chappy. :)

  2. Oh dear, there are far too many lurgys (oooh, my iPad hates that word and replaced it with something totally unreadable!) about at the moment, I do hope yours is short lived, have a refreshing sleep, wake up feeling on top of the world and surprise yourself with a plainsailing dentist visit.

    Love your apple, the decreases along the top are so neat, isn't quick knitting/crochet so satisfying!

    Have a lovely break with Alice!

  3. Oh man, you've got me chuckling away at that little story!! ...and just before bedtime, I'll never get to sleep now!! 300 posts is seriously impressive, I just got past 50 and sometimes I can't believe I find enough things to write about, but that's part of the challenge and it keeps my rust brain ticking over ;) good luck at the dentist tomorrow ...
    Em xx
    P.s. I'm seriously impressed with your knitting if you are a beginner, knitting in the round always blows me away, I defo need to learn soon ... X

  4. The apple turned out great! No wonder the little dwarf loves it. :-)

  5. I think the little gnome is eyeing up that apple as someone new and cozy to spend time ;)

    Hope you are fully better for 1/2 term - both my boys have been full of cold but are getting there - half term starts at 3.30 this afternoon - they can't wait!!

  6. wishing you well asap!
    bestest daisy...
    Ps whats his name I might have a date for him?

  7. They look very happy together! Hope you feel better soon! :) x

  8. He is lovely and hopefully bringing a smile to your face - feel better soon x

  9. That is one darling gnome!

    Was your yarn superwash Penelope, only usually when people have this problem they discover that unbeknownst to them that's what they were knitting with.

    Congrats on your 300th post and I do hope you feel better soon :)

  10. He looks a happy chappy! Sorry to hear you've been suffering, let's hope a week off does the trick x

  11. What a lovely post! Your apple pin cushion is lovely despite not felting - actually I think it nicer for being able to see the stitches.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  12. I like the hairy apple the way it is ... if it had felted you'd have lost all the lovely texture of the stitches. And it's a much softer bed for the little gnome. A felted apple is never so squishy as a soft one. :)