Sunday 10 February 2013

Inner hippie

When I read the lovely Kristen of Cozy things post called "Charming" I felt a real warmth towards her clever idea of making a cotton crochet bracelet with some of my old orphaned earings, charms and beads that I had lying around. 

Ever since I can remember I have been a collector of beads, pendants, bits and bobs that could be threaded onto a thread to make myself ankle chains (in my teens!), beaded necklaces, bracelets and earings. Since my early 20's when I started earning my own money I was like a magpie when it came to Indian and Thai silver bits and bobs and there is a gorgeous shop in Brighton called Blackout that I adore and will always find myself being drawn back there for delicious jewels and beads to make my necklaces etc. I also like to buy beads when we go to different countries and over the years  have collected quite a few fun and memorable bits that I haven't found what to do with up until now.

So, yesterday afternoon when Andy and Alice went to football in Brighton, I got out an old broken necklace I had made ages ago and some of my other hippie pretties and got crocheting with embroidery thread to make my first cotton crochet charm bracelet.

Kristen made hers double this length and gives you very clear instructions on how to go about making this charming bracelet in this post

I'm rather pleased with how mine turned out and will definitely be making another one or two of these.

I think a long doubled over necklace would look pretty too.

I used a heart button at the end and instead of crocheting it on, I had to sew it on to the cotton as my tiniest crochet hook was till way too big to hook through the button holes. I had great fun making this and wearing it today. All I can think about now are all the possibilities....

Hope you all have a grand old week everyone and maybe, just maybe you might be able to bring out that inner hippie in some way too

ps. My next post will be my 300th one, so I think a little giveaway may be called for, watch this space.


  1. oooh love it, absolutely gorgeous, great idea :)

    Maybe I will try soon

    Lluisa x

  2. I love this idea, I like the colour of the cotton you used too....just perfect. I have a lot of beads and bits from a stint of collecting, but they just sit there....maybe I should give this a whirl.

  3. Wonderful idea - even better that they are beads and charms that you know the history of - go hippies!

  4. It's such a good idea. I'll be sure to give it a go! X

  5. Ooh - I could do this! Looks great, definitely make more!

  6. It's lovely. Unfortunatelly, I haven't been a collector of beads and stuff ... ;-) Have a nice week. Regula

  7. I saw Kristen's post as well and just loved it. Your bracelet turned out really pretty, love all your charms and beads!

  8. Such a lovely idea - it takes me back to the days when I wore leather laces around my wrists ... yes, you guessed it, I loooooved A-HA!!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I don't, unfortunately, have a collection of odd earrings, etc, to make one of my own.
    Have a great weekend, Vx

  10. I love this, especially the heart button and the silver bits. Crochet bracelets always make me feel hippie-ish too - rather bohemian and carefree. I like to wear them in the summer as they have a sort of beachy feeling. :)