Friday 15 February 2013

52 weeks of happy 7/52

This past week has been rather hideous with a head cold, chest and blocked nose, so I really have not felt motivated to be crafty in any real way. I forced myself to have a day off to rest completely on Tuesday and did a little knitting and sorting out my left over yarny bits in bed. These yarns and their colours made me happy and cheered me up somewhat.
There is something quite therapeutic about lining up the colours of your left over yarn. I wanted to look at what colours I had to make some crochet flowers for my mother in law's tea crazy flower tea cosy I am making for her.

This cosy is taking me ages to complete and I try to keep working on it but, have not been inspired. I hope my crafty va va voom comes back as soon as I'm fully recovered.

If you read my previous post you would have read about this little guy and his hairy apple. They have made me happy this week.

I bought this hand printed V card for my gorgeous boy and he made me smile because he doesn't do Shakespeare and Poetry like I do, yet he took time to appreciate this in his own sweet way. That pleased me too.

So, cheerio my bloggy friends, I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We are all off for half term next week for a jolly good break from our routine!

See you all soon


  1. Enjoy your half term break Penelope. I always feel at this time during the school year that its a steep climb to carry on and I'm dead keen for Easter to arrive to give me a break even if it is just time to relax over a cuppa tea and putting my feet up to read a good book. We've also had colds and flu at home and in my classes. I had to take one day off this week because I lost my voice.I Managed to find it again the next day though. LOL!
    I'll very much echo your comments on that relaxed and content feeling that one feels contemplating all the lovely colours in a yarn stash. I don't quite understand why I feel like this when I look at my yarn and less still how grumpy I get when I see it is dwindling.
    Hope you are feeling better

    Amanda :-)

  2. Hope you feeling better, I always enjoy coming to your blog :)

    Take care!

    Lluisa x

  3. Feel better soon, and spend all the time you need in bed! The va va voom will soon return. Perhaps it needed a holiday too. :)

    I love seeing your rainbow rows of yarn - especially since most of them are not wound into balls but left in the original skein! I've tried and tried to train myself to wind my yarn, but alas have had little luck. It's so much more fun to start right in making things.

    Here's a link you might enjoy:

  4. bah colds!

    still in our most rubbish weeks we can find happiness .... go us!


  5. Hope you feel tickerty boo soon, enjoy lining up the yarn! :) x

  6. Hope you are feeling much better now, and raring to go for the half term - you will need your energy!!!
    I know what it's like to lose enthusiasm for a Taupe Basket Quilt is exactly that! But I do love your colour scheme for the tea cosy, it looks quite delicious! Have a good week. Lx

  7. poor thing, I hope you feel better soon, I hate being sick so much. And keep plugging with theat tea cozy, I know that sometimes when I've been making flowery, leafy tea cozies I've not enjoyed the process but the end result is worth it and the recipient will adore it.
    have a lovely week X

  8. That is such a lovely quote, how could your fella not have appreciated it!

    Have a wonderful and restful half term week Penelope x

  9. Have a lovely half term week and I hope that the sun keeps on shining. That bit of warmth makes all the difference don't you think.

    Love the top row of colours in particularly - harmonious
    Best wishes