Friday 1 February 2013


Dearest bloggy friends

I am ever so pleased its the end of my working week, I absolutely LOVE my job in Oncology, I am learning so much and really enjoy working with the complexities that Cancer can bring. I count my blessings each and every day that I have a job that is so fulfilling and rewarding being able to support people on their cancer journey with nutrition related symptoms. BUT...... you knew there had to be a but in there! But, when Friday evening comes I just need to kick off my shoes, let my hair down and have a glass of wine and wallow in the joy of my weeks ending. I'm sure I am not alone in feeling this.

Now for my reflection on my happy & simple little things of this past week.

First up, my latest knitting project, a tea cosy for my mother in law. She wanted an apple green and baby pink cosy and has left the rest up to my imagination. It's fun making this in stripes and i hope to decorate it with some spring buds and pom poms, no doubt I will have a ta-dah moment here.

Next up was my Robbie Burns night last Friday and my tartan embellishment which I simply made from a metre of tartan ribbon folded over and sewn into a rosette of sorts with a wee Scottie dog button sewn into the middle. The vegetarian Haggis was delicious, full of pulses, oats and herbs. I didn't like the neaps though...puree turnips are not my idea of fun, sorry. Oh, but the wee dram of whiskey certainly made up for it :o)

I was also rather chuffed with my tulip bulbs starting to bloom. So exciting seeing them slowly emerge.

I had some good fun listening to this mixed tape I made in my first November of arriving in England. I found it in an old box filled with bits and bobs under our bed. It really delighted me and brought back so many memories of those fun times. I really miss not making mixed tapes any more, I did make some mixed CD's but they're just not the same I don't think. Did you ever make mixed tapes for yourself and your friends?

Seeing blue skies and sunshine for a couple of days this week was more than gorgeous and I enjoyed a quick walk down the sea front on Wednesday after work, followed by a lot of star gazing that night whilst listening to the divine live broadcast of the Radio 2 Folk Awards. It certainly didn't disappoint and if you have a chance and enjoy folk music do try and make time to listen on i-player if you can.

Last but not least, this pub sign really tickled me pink when I went to Battle last weekend to buy some yarn for a crochet project I'm about to start. It is an old pub opposite the yarn shop which used to be the venue on a Saturday morning for knit and natter but unfortunately it has now closed. When I asked the lady serving in the shop about the sign she said that the knit and natter group had been involved in the design of this sweet sign.

How cute is that? It's the first knitted character pub sign I have ever seen!

Right-eee-hoo, now its time to kick off my shoes and pour that glass of wine. Have a great weekend wherever you are.

See you all soon


  1. I listened to the Radio 2 folk awards too! I'm not big into folk music if I'm honest but I really enjoyed it as I was busy creating my latest printers tray! Got into the groove!
    Love the pink/green combo! Enjoy your wine! :) x

  2. I love that sign too! Looking forward to seeing your crochet project. xx

  3. Yes!! I made mix tapes!! I just forgot how I used to enjoy....

    I know that you live in England, but originally, where are you from? If you don't mind me asking :)

    You really have a nice place here

    Have a great weekend!

    Lluisa x

    1. Hi Lluisa
      I am originally from South Africa, where the sun shines :o)

  4. Aha! I was in Battle last week (my dentist is there) and saw that pub sign and wondered how on earth it came to have answered that for me now, thank you. :) (I'd never think of asking a local about it.)

    Mixed tapes are the bees knees - I have some mixed CD's that hubby made for me but definitely no more tapes - they were thrown away a long time ago. Pity, really, because as you said, memories.

    Enjoy your weekend - hope you have good things planned and a relaxing time.

  5. What a post filled with lots of goodies, ah those were the days when we made mixed tapes. I used to do them all the time. As for that pub sign, that is priceless, I hope the good people of Battle appreciate that, haha. And I do love the colour combi, green and pink, very cheery so I shall look forward to your ta-dah.
    Neeps and tatties .. I miss that :(
    But Penelope, the most important thing to say is that I salute you with all that you do in oncology. Having had experience with 'you lot' I know how tirelessly you work and also how very much appreciated and valuable that work is. Thank you! :)

  6. thanks for the tip - i love folk so will head over to iplayer for a listen, also i just love the pink & green together! can't wait to see the finished cosy

  7. Love the pink and green together.
    I listen to some folk music, mainly Show of Hands and Oysterband. Really looking forward to seeing the Oysterband in Exeter Cathedral this month.
    Don't forget to email me your address for the swap. It's all packed ready to go!
    Have a good weekend

  8. THe perfect way to relax and enjoy the weekend ... and you must need it after such an intense job
    Have a lovely weekend (sounds like you will!)

  9. Oh I adore that sign!

    such a shame the group doesn't meet anymore....

    I used to live near Battle, there used to be a lovely cafe there...

    bestest to you and yours....wishing you a peacful Sunday
    Daisy J

  10. good combo green and pink love it hx

  11. Wonderful sign!

    What a cheerful cosy that will be - I have always loved pink and green together.

    So glad you got to see the sun - it does help chase away those winter blahs. Gorgeous tulips, and tartan too.

    I have never made a mix tape (I think I was about half a generation too old for that trend). And to think that people can now download thousands of songs - somehow a mix tape seems more fun. :)

  12. I am in love with that sign, utterly brilliant!
    Glad I found your blog on this grey, drizzly day. I shall now read on!
    Emma. X

  13. Great sign! Hats off to the pub to do it differently.

    Loving your tea cosy, isn't garter stitch lovely with all of it's wiggles?! I do love the fabric that knitting makes, more so than crochet.

    I have had more than a few mix tapes, an ex-boyfriend of mine used to bring tapes out in the car as he obviously didn't like my taste in music....probably why he's an taste. I bought (still in box) a widget for putting tape onto the computer, I must drag it out as I have loads of stuff on tape but no means of playing it.