Saturday 6 April 2013


I tried very hard to see the simple, more happy bits of this past week but, my goodness it was hard. I just had a poo week. Felt blue, nostalgic and sad. I also have had a cold which didn't help and quite frankly I just wanted to run away to a warmer place with Andy and have some fun again. An odd roller coaster ride week of ups and downs. I think like with most things in life the downs are attributed to a mixture of things, I am pleased to say that I am feeling better now and can relax and enjoy the weekend.

So, my 14th week of 2013 of little smiley things included:

  • A new handkerchief from Liberty. I don't know about you, but I have always used handkerchiefs and I know some of you may be thinking, how gross and terribly unhygienic, but you see it stems from me being a little girl and wanting to be just like my Grandpa who used them always. I do use tissues to blow my nose, and just use the handkerchiefs (which are just so soft) to dab on my sore, sniffly nose.
  • I loved all these soft colours in a display in a shop I went into over Easter.
  • I always like to look up in towns and cities I visit. There is so much more above eye level. If I find a gargoyle it always makes my day. The colours of this building and someones front door made me happy.
  • I saw this pink bicycle stand with Spring fresh flowers on Thursday when I stopped in in the village of Alfriston to buy myself a sandwich in my lunch half hour.It was freeeeezing on Thursday with icy flurries coming down from the sky, but this pink cheered me up somewhat.
  • We had our Wedding Anniversary this week too, sweet Alice bought us a card and some chocs and Andy wrote a beautiful message in a card to me. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even get him a card, we don't normally bother with cards and presents, so I was surprised to get one. It meant a lot after the weird downs I have had this week.
  • I've been sewing and playing with vintage sheet squares too.
  • Lastly I bought a book for Alice to read these Easter hols and also decided to treat myself to a frivolous Easter read too. I liked the title of this and after reading the blurb on the back thought it would be a light, amusing read. The thought of going to bed for a year also appealed to me too :o) Well at least until the sun starts to come out!
I hope you are all well and have had snippets of simple smiley moments too. Sorry if I sound a bit negative, just being true to myself.
Take care and see you all soon


  1. lovely images I love the pink bicycle - hope you feel brighter soon x

  2. What a lovely idea to have a Liberty handkerchief to dab your nose. I too managed, this week, to catch my first full-on head cold for 18 months. I resorted to Balm tissues from Waitrose, somehow I don't think a Liberty hankerchief would have quite hit the spot as beautiful as it is.

  3. Well I had a poo week too.... told three weeks ago I had osteoporosis and now this last week that I am diabetic, all of it down to strong meds I have, of necessity, been taking this last twenty odd years. I am glad I take these meds, happier still for the reason behind it,but oh the side effects have been hard to cope with, and continue to be so. But... life goes on and I am not one to be down for long, life's too short, definitely. So pleased you picked yourself up too, and that pink bike is Gorgeous. I could almost take up cycling. I said 'almost'.

  4. Oh Penny, yes we are all in need of that bit of warmth aren't we, this winter has been sooooo long! However, I'm now sat in the garden, soaking up WARM SUN, drinking earl grey tea. The birds are singing happily, I can hear my neighbour digging his veg patch, the girls are both busy....making no demands! Bliss!
    I think I might start to use proper hankies again, but only if they are Liberty ones! :) x

  5. Wonderful, colourful images Penny, I love to look up too, it's often much prettier than street level.
    It's been warmer here today and I have dragged my lot up a hill....will do a post ....very Happy :0)
    Glad you are feeling a bit brighter.
    Jacquie x

  6. I'll join you in the staying in bed 'til the summer....such a struggle to get up, when you know it's cold. Love the door knocker!

    Glad you're feeling brighter, I think this weather certainly has a lot to answer for, it has been brighter here, although only when you get ot of the bitter winds.

    I always used to borrow a proper hankie from my Dad when I had a sore nose, everything else was too harsh....they were never as pretty as that one though ;-)

  7. Wow, the thought of going to bed for a year is alarmingly appealing. I could do it, too.

    Such a colourful post, full of bright happy colours. Sorry your week did not match the photos. Being cold does bring down the spirits ... Mr. M has a dreadful time every February and March when the damp chilly weather just hangs on and on. And having a cold is no fun at all, even with a beautiful hanky like yours.

    Happy Anniversary, and may you have many more happy moments in the week to come. :)

  8. Penny, hang in there Chuck! It passes - I know I am repeating myself, but your story echoes my own so closely I feel every bit for you! Yes, enjoy the little things, and 'big them up' if you can. I know If I was down your neck of the woods I would be stealing out at night and pinching that GLORIOUS pink bicycle!! It is WONDERFUL!!!

    Congrats on the anniversary - yes, I forget every year, and mostly Jim remembers and gets me a card, this year I remembered and he forgot!!

    Mums 91st today we are off to take her out for lunch. Chin up. Lxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Oh Penny, I hope you are feeling more upbeat today - I'm finally getting myself out of the winter slump that I have been in for months, the Springy weather outside has made a world of difference, I've got energy to do things and lots of ideas bubbling around - its a while since i felt like that ... now I just need a bit of time - hummmm, school hold don't fit with that!
    Em xxx
    p.s. Love your little hankie and sweet pin cushion :)