Friday 26 April 2013


This week has flown by for me. I've enjoyed the warm sunshine so much and have found myself cycling on getting home most days and a longer cycle last Sunday which was gloriously sunny. I like to stop for a cup of tea and relax before cycling home. Tea revives you don't you know :o) I had my cuppa at Plenty in St.Leonards-on-sea. I love these cycles on my own, just me and the sea, the breeze and my thoughts. 

Finishing knitting these fun wrist warmers for Jen who is leaving us to spread her wings in another job. I got given the knitting supplement from a paper that my mother-in-law reads and recognised that it came from this book which I have had my beady eye on for a while now. Knitting in the round has to be one of my favourite pastimes. I had to make a hole (a bit like a button hole)as this pattern was only meant to be knitted on 2 needles and stitched up the side leaving a hole for the thumb.

With the sunshine comes more salads and my favourite nut burgers. Yum! 

Oh and I made a mini bunny-boo for Jen too. Simple, sweet and a little bit of happy.

Other things that kind of made me smile this week was getting in a local paper for raising awareness of Bowel Cancer for work, going for a run with Alice in her new trainers Papa bought for her, listening to Andy playing some of his Chameleons vinyl and writing more lists to make me smile.

Thank you as always for all your lovely comments and conversation and welcome to some new followers. I hope you have little rays of happiness in your weekend.

See you all soon


  1. Lovely blog post. I was delighted to see the horse in the 1st picture. We have the exact same horse, on a stand that my two boys ride on. It has big hefty springs and makes a very loud noise. We purchased ours from a vintage shop near Ashford. My husband had one when he was a child. Where was this beauty? Clare x

    1. Oh how lovely that your boys have got one Clare, I photographed that in a shop called SHOP in St. Leonards-on-sea when I wentfor a wonder after my reviving cup of tea x

  2. Love the boat, and the bright lichen (with bicycle wheel) ... and of course the lovely mitts and bunny. We're starting to eat salads too - a sure sign of spring. :)

    Your nut burger looks alot like the falafel patties I make - is there a recipe or do you buy them pre-made?

    Enjoy your sunshine and cycling!

    1. Hello Mrs. M
      I am lazy and buy my nut burgers pre-made, that's what working full time does to you! One day when I am retired I'll get back to basic ingredients and making it all myself again:o)

  3. Beautiful beach photos. That photo of the green boat is great. And those mitts are lovely, what a thoughtful leaving present for someone. x