Friday 12 April 2013


This past week has been a much better one I'm pleased to say, I guess having the latter part of the week off and going to Brighton for a few nights also helped. Even though Brighton is only an hour away, its always nice to change your environment every now and again. I have a restless soul and can never feel completely satisfied staying at home when I am on holiday from work. 

We caught up with Andy's family and wished Connie a very happy first birthday with some books and homemade knits and crochet goodies. I made this easy sleeveless cardy for her (pattern found here) which Fiona her mum loves. 

A sweet mixture of two colours, one cotton, the other merino to make a chunky quite warm and heavy mid-season knit.

Despite the weather getting a little bit warmer and sunnier, some apple crumble was called for last Sunday. I substituted a lot of the flour for oats and flaked almonds and served it with creamy coconut yoghurt. Sounds like an odd combination but it went down a treat.

I liked the shadows on my dining room wall created by the conversation clouds made by Bronwen.

Brighton brought it's colours and happiness too.

My mother in law still lives in the original family home just into Hove, beyond the seven dials area and I love walking down all the terrace house roads and looking at the array of colourful doors and being nosey and seeing if I can see people's interiors.I'm a real snoop, I am!

Look at this...yummy image from one of my mother in laws neighbours. I'm so sorry but I just could not resist snapping this image.

We spent an afternoon pootling around Shoreham just down the coast from Hove after a lovely fish meal on the seafront yesterday afternoon.

It was great for charity shopping and tea and cake! Oh, and Shoreham has the most amazing traditional and old fashioned yarn and needlecraft shop too. 

Pure eye candy.

Uuum, I think I came away with some of that candy.

A little vintage emporium visit tickled our fancy and some old Sanderson fabric and glasses purchasing was in order.

Last, but not least I loved giving Connie her very own Bunny Boo.

A rather sweet addition to the Bunny Boo family I think. The first Bunny Boo I made can be seen here.

So, those were a few snippets of sweet moments from my past week. Thank you for coming by, I'm sorry not to have visited your blogs for a while, I hope to catch up this weekend. Have a good one x 

See you soon


  1. Looks like you have had a wonderful time in Brighton - very restorative. There is always time for apple crumble - any time of the year but as for those yarn photos - swooooon x Jane

  2. Lovely post!!! All brightly coloured and full of funnnnn...xx

  3. Mmmm I'm loving the colours in Connie's cardi. What a lucky little girl!
    I know exactly what you mean about snooping. There's nothing I like more than a dark evening stroll to see if anyone has their lights on. A glimpse into everyone elses worlds. There, that'll get me arrested!!

  4. Some lovely colours in this post, particularly all that gorgeous yarn! And I love those fishes hanging in the window! x

  5. Gorgeous Happies Penny, love your knitting and crochet . Great doorway pictures....I would have been fascinated by them too....oh and nice to see your granny blanket radar is in good working order :0)
    Jacquie x

  6. What a lovely post, so much good stuff in here. I loved the montage of all the front doors, so colourful. And that yarn shop...pure heaven. x

  7. I really love that fabric you bought. What fantastic colours! And I must say the photographs of the doors and the blanket under the hanging fish (also gorgeous colours) are just amazing. Who knew doors could be so inspiring!
    Rosie xx

  8. Oh Penny! What a lovely collection of colour to brighten up my (Somewhat late)breakfast! Glorious, and fancy living behind one of those brilliant doors, how scrummy! And those balls of wool - not a knitter, an occasional crocheter, but i LOVE massed ranks of wool!

    Yep, SO with you on adding oats to the crumble flour - Itry and remember to do this each time, it does may for a better topping, and I always use Demerrara sugar.
    Happy Weekend to you and your family - I do believe we may be getting some warmth, hurrah! Lxx

  9. Well what a lovely week you've had! That bunny Bo is fab.....and those front doors, I would love to live on a street with colourful doors! And that yarn shop....swoon! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  10. Penny, I feel as though I have had a feast looking at your post. What beautiful colours!!! Lots of love, Kate (from greedy for colour) xxooxx.

  11. Lots of lovely cheery pics. I love the new little cardi, what a good idea with the two yarns.

    Love all the bright pics, the doors and the granny blanket, it's hard not to be nosey sometimes isn't it? The crumble sounds perfect, especially with the coconut yoghurt, yum! I make a crumble with crushed amaretti biscuit in the topping, I do love almonds, very moreish.

    Wow look at that yarn, eye candy indeedy!

  12. How I do love a catch up post.....D x

  13. Lovely post and soooo colourful in this cold drab weather! I too like snooping into other people's houses - if you go round at dusk just when they've switched their lights on but not yet closed their curtains, you get a really good view! Lord - that makes me sound pitiful!! xCathy

  14. Looks like you had fun... what's the name of that fab yarn shop? I hope to be able to get to Brighton soon... Cx

  15. That's a nice, cheery post. Love the neighbour's window!
    happy weekend with your new yarn .. I bought some today too, teehee.

  16. Love your collage of doors in Brighton, they're so cheery!

  17. Gorgeous little card. Love the yarn you have used and the buttons are adorable. I discovered a yarn shop like the one you picture while away recently too. I was very good and bought nothing only because I had just received a huge shipment of yarn that week. It was very hard I must say. I am looking forward to going back though later in the year pre-armed with a list. LOL Glad you had a nice break from it all. Hugs xox

  18. So many brightly coloured doors, buckets and balls of yarn.

    Nina x

  19. You couldn't go into a shop like that and not come out with yarn ... it would be impossible!

    Gorgeous pics Penny :)

    (I'm so behind with everyone's blogs, but reading a few posts at once is rather fun :) )