Sunday 14 April 2013

The beauty

In the late afternoon I sat at the dinning room table to assemble my crochet heart with banner that I made yesterday whilst watching the rain coming down. Boo to yesterday's rain and this morning too, but this afternoon we had sunshine to gloat in and I was determined to soak up as much as possible. After hanging up the washing outside (hurrah) and going for a long cycle with my girly Alice. I sat down to listen to this radio program where Will Self looked at Prozac at 25 years old and The Prozac Economy. 

It saddened me somewhat when they were speaking about young teenagers and depression.

It resonated with something Alice said about what a friend's young daughter (she is 13 years old) had shared with her and her peers at Church this morning. What she shared took courage and strength and I wanted to remind her of something so true. Simply, her beauty, inside and out and so I embroidered "beautiful" on felt and sewed it onto the crocheted banner and will wrap this heart up and give it to her this week.

I so hope you all have a great week and see all the beauty
See you all soon


  1. I listened to the same programme and found some of it quite disturbing but at least depression is being talked about. What you have done for your daughter's friend is truly lovely and is the sort of gesture she will keep with her for a long time. Well done you x Jane

  2. Your heart is truly lovely.

    Soaked up the sunshine too....long beach walk then a nice sit in the garden. Hooray! :)

  3. Love your both senses! Your crocheted heart is lovely, I love the banner shape on it, brilliant. I do think that young women (and so e of us older ones too) need to understand that we are beautiful, precious and loved....loved is a good word to use too! I hope that Alice's friend finds all the love and support she needs through her friends, but that she really 'knows' how loved she is.

    Have a brilliant week.x

  4. Ditto to what Faith said....

    It's hard to see young people on so many meds these days.

    So glad you had some sunshine for your cycle. :)

  5. That is so pretty, I'm sure she will love it, all the more because her Mum made it with love.

  6. What a kind and thoughtful gesture. And a word as appropriate for the giver as for the recipient. x

  7. Not only beautiful but made with love too, there is so much pressure on our children these days. It saddens me how stressed they can get, they are expected to be so good, at everything! I hope Alice's friend gets the support she's seeking :) x

  8. How lovely, Penny, I am sure she will treasure it, and feel uplifted because she will feel your love and concern.

    Didn't hear the programme. But from what you've said I think really we need to be thankful mental health is being discussed more openly these days, and also that there are many newer and more effective methods of treating depression. I totally agree that Prozac was over-prescribed, and often inappropriately too. However I would hate people to be put off taking prescribed medication for the treatment of depression - under careful scrutiny. When visiting post-natally depressed mums I always supported them in accepting medication if their GP felt it was appropriate for a short -term and carefully monitored length of time. During which time I would be delivering a course of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ; the one working in conjunction with the other were generally extremely efficacious. I think CBT is probably a very good route for treating depressed children. Medication which has not had long-term evaluation is not appropriate for them. Lx.

  9. Bless you Penny, you have such a good heart. My son is approaching the first teenage year and I can already see the hormone fuelled emotion taking its hold. I hope he always opens up to us, as he does now, so we can guide him through this roller coaster that we're all about to jump on.