Sunday 7 April 2013

Recipe for happiness

We all have our own recipes for happiness I am sure, but today this is mine.

Sunshine (Thank you God) + learning how to knit without DPN's in the round using the magic loop method (you tube tut found here) + a pot of tea and toasted teacake + classical music on Radio 3 + bird song in the air + using up left over yarn in making stripes + husband and daughter happy in what they are doing + red tulips in a jug + free pattern for child's beret on Ravelry found here for Connie who will be one next week. 

Deep Joy.
Have you had a recent recipe for your happiness?
I hope so
Have a good week lovelies


  1. Bird song - I know it's been there but it was only because I was still outside at about 7pm last night without turning into an ice cube that I was able to appreciate it - it really lifts the soul! Jane x

  2. Isn't it just the loveliest day? :)

    I'm glad you're having a good afternoon.

    We were in ALDI earlier, manic place that it was, and I saw you as you were finishing up but the queue was sooooo long, we were near the end of it, and I couldn't see a way to come and say hello. We'd just come in after a long walk on the promenade and back was lovely and bright but a bit chilly still. At least we saw the sun!! :)

    Hope your week is cheerier than the last one.

  3. Deep it!

    I've sat doing a bit of crochet this afternoon, whilst watching Glee, never normally watch it, not particularly interested in the story, just love the singing, I would love to sing in a group like that, not that I'm much cop, but signing makes my heart soar.

    No sunshine here today, plenty of cloud and chiliness, typical as I've just got myself new gardening gloves to tackle the brambles...ah well, will still be there when the sun comes back I'm sure!

  4. Sunshine for me too today! I'm so happy to have found the sun in the Alps. Let's hope for a second sunny day tomorrow. :-)

  5. This is beautiful - I'm suitably impressed, the mere idea of knitting in the round sends me into a state of panic!!

  6. Deep joy indeed. It sounds utter bliss!

  7. Yay yay for sunshine, my sister has just got some of those needles...says they are the best ever! Have a great day lovely lady! :) x

  8. I'm so happy you had that special moment, Penelope!

  9. That sounds like my kind of happiness...though with a crochet hook in hand.

    Happy days,

    Nina x

  10. Happiness indeed! (That really is the best way to knit in the round :D )