Monday 22 April 2013

Mini crochet

I got a little bit silly with excitement when I finished making my mini crochet cherry necklace last night. It's such a triumph for me as I really had no belief that I could do it BUT was desperate to have teeny tiny crochet things to put in my hair, hang on my wrist and around my neck. So, with gung ho determination I just plunged right in and proved that I could actually handle such skinny cotton and a tiny hook. I am a little bit chuffed with how this pair of cherries turned out. Wanna see?

Stuffing these teeny crochet cherries was a challenge followed by closing them up, so much so you have probably spotted some of the hollow fibres sticking out of them. I have pulled these all out now and hopefully no more will appear.

It is the sweetest thing I have ever made, I just love it so. If you have been visiting here for a while you might of read this post about where the pattern comes from for this delicate crochet. I'm excited to get making more now that my confidence has grown with this.

Here is my hand again to give a little perspective to the size of the cherries. Some of you noticed my wedding ring in the last post about my tiny crochet. I did blog about my ring way back in 2011 here, it's weird looking back at my old posts. I don't tend to look back, however if you want to a little read about my ring, please do x

Alice very happily wore it to school today, it was a mufti-day for raising money for a charity, a perfect opportunity to enjoy a little creation by her mum.

I hope you all have a fabulous sunshine filled week
See you all soon


  1. You should be pleased with yourself - these cherries are super cute!

  2. Ah this is so sweet. I can't believe how small it is. It would be really nice as a broach too. A bit of advice that might help is, if you make one again, try stuffing it with the yarn you are using or one of similar colour instead of fibre. That way the fibres won't stick out. Just something that i always found helped.

  3. This is lovely! Sunshine to you. Regula

  4. Wow that IS tiny - but exquisitely done! It looks like you've crocheted the chain as well - well done you x Jane (P.S. I had noticed your ring too - must go over and read that post...)

  5. Ooh, I love Rosie's tip!

    The cherries are perfect and perfectly adorable. Can't wait to see what else you make. :)

  6. Gosh it's so could live in my cupboard! Well done! :) x

  7. Adorable!!! Completely and utterly adorable. Well done hon.

  8. Hi Penny, love your cherry dainty and sweet...perfect.
    Jacquie x

  9. Sooooo cute - well done you - I love it when an idea comes together :) I want some of that really fine yarn, where did you get yours, I can only find really boring colours!
    Em xx

  10. It's so small and perfect! Well done, that must have been tricky to do. And it's so sweet, I'd quite like to have a go at something similar. x

  11. Perfection! What is it about tiny things ... they never fail to delight :)

  12. Sweet! I love tiny crochet! the cherries look really cute, something i would like to wear for a change for spring! :)

  13. Those are cute! What a nice idea to crochet cherries as a pendant. It turned out good!

  14. Really super - it is those little, simpler things that can be so effective. Nothing beats making it yourself and it turns out well. Good stuffing too!
    Best wishes

  15. Oh I am not at all surprised you are so chuffed, your little cherries are adorable. Has Alice given it back yet? Hehe. I must check out that book, all I can do is chain stitch but I'm so hooked ('scuse the pun) on knitting I'm not sure I have the time just yet.
    Keep at it Penny, you're doing a grand job.
    Thanks also for your comments, I love getting them from you .. won't you stop press and come over the pond for a cuppa?
    Happy weekend xox