Saturday 20 April 2013


Have you all had a good week lovely people? It's been a busy one for me, but boy have I been soaking in the sunshine and Spring weather with all those blues skies on my home visits and moving between NHS sites for my job. 

I have this habit of taking my knitting with me in a basket in the car, its very handy when I end up eating my lunch in the car if I am out and about and gives me 10 or 15 minutes of knitting depending how long it takes me to munch on my sandwich.

So, this first photo is taken in the sunshine of my car seat of my current wrist warmer knitting for Jen at work. She is leaving us soon and so this will be her parting gift from me. I managed to get her crocheting again and helped her with a few stitches along the way and so I decided to knit her something in the hope that she may take up knitting too :o)

It's also good to be using left over yarny bits too.

We also got to go to a local nursery last Sunday and I was overjoyed at all the pretty flowers and went a little crazy with my camera, sure sign of lunacy in public.

My daffodils eventually opened their sleepy heads on the outside windowsill and they were a welcome sight to come home to each evening.

Experimenting with my new teeny crochet hook and skinny yarn

Getting a little excited at my new phone, my old one was the most basic Nokia phone which I have had for years eventually died a good death and now I feel like I am in this century much to Alice's delight.

Last but not least, buying some of this most delicious Elderflower cordial to celebrate Springy evenings after going for a run or cycle.

Thanks always for your sweet comments and visiting this space. I wish you all a glorious sun soaked weekend with sprinkles of joyful moments.

See you soon


  1. Yes that elderflower cordial is wonderful isn't it, I only allow myself to get it when it's on offer! Ought to learn how to make it myself! The flowers are starting to emerge and the gardens are waking up, God really knew what he was doing with Spring flowers didn't he....after the cold winter we are all ready for some colour! Love your miniature crochet....think that one would send me bozz eyed! :) x

  2. To see all our lovely flowers again is just the best - they have been hiding for so long. I love your flower montage - and is that a black pansy? Wow - never seen one of those! Enjoy your presse x Jane

  3. Those flower pics are cheery and pretty..the sunshine makes everything shiney doesn't it, your daffs look lovely. I like the colour changes in your wrist warmers too, it's amazing how quickly things grow when you do ten minutes here and there. Have a sunny Sunday!x

  4. Happy, happy and more happy! I simply love that last picture of all those beautiful English cordials! Delicious looking even if I won't be sharing a glass or two with you. I went swimming yesterday evening and I was overjoyed at the prospect of long, light evenings in which we can get out and about and exercise. I like the idea of you running or cycling in the early evening light after a long day's work. And snap: I always carry my knitting in the car too... just incase.

    Peaceful sunday to you and your family.


  5. Gosh I don't know where to start, Penny! First of all I love your floral mosaic - I'd love to do that - sometimes I want to put so many pictures on the blog but they don't warrant a full sized shot. This is so cheerful, as well.

    Love your fine crochet - I keep meaning to get MY smallest hook out and some lovely fine yarn to try my hand at making small floral motif s to make a scarf similar (hah!) to those of ...drat, her name has gone - you know who I it Sarah someone? Does the most amazing fine crochet,AARRGGHHHH! too early I think to wake up the brain - it is the weekened after all!

    And Elderflower Cordial - mmm one of my favourites; when the Stitch and Bitch girls go out for lunch at Wiveton Farm Cafe we always have a carafe of their home-made cordial - wonderful! Happy Sunday to you - it looks to be another lovely one!

  6. So many great things here, Penny! You've reminded me that I need to buy some Belvoir Elderflower Cordial, ready for summer. I love that stuff. And that photo montage of the flowers is gorgeous to look at. I love how all of blogland is just so happy that spring is here! x