Monday 8 November 2010

Aint no sunshine

Well, if that was Monday we have had it ... today for those of you not in the UK was exceptionally windy, wet and grey but somehow I didn't mind, gosh I must be feeling better. Today I filled my day with more colours and being cosy with my WIP's (I only have 3 on at the moment !!)

So this post is about colours and two of my WIP's, I hope the beginning of your week has been colourful too and thanks for popping by and sharing my world for a little while xox

Haribo sweeties, I can't help being a big kid sometimes.

Red red roses from my love, popped into an old vintage tin coffee pot and decorated with Alice's blue tit and robin drawings.

Quinces from a friend's tree and apples made into a steaming hot crumble for pudding this evening.

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down .... look at those green gate colours !!!

One beautiful girl threading a bobbin on her wee little singer sewing machine (notice the sticker decorations!! I didn't mind as we bought this in the summer from a car boot sale for £5 and we have a more advanced one 'waiting in the wings' when she is old enough for it bought from a colleague of mine)

One Debbie Bliss cashmerino man beanie coming up. Hopefully this will be finished before the end of the winter!

(has anyone noticed it's the DB yarn I purchased for this cardy .... oops, I can see myself writing out a 100 times 'I must not buy yarn, start a project and not finish it, I must not....' etc etc. tee hee)

And last but not least my candy grannies are still plodding along, I am getting tres bored of this project but HAVE to finish it by 26th Nov for my friends birthday, all I want to do is hook up flowers to sew onto the blanket. I am getting no pleasure at the moment from going round and round and round in trebles... it seems my desire for slightly more challenging crochet is trying to prove a point here. Oh well, I'll be sure to share the FO with you before the 26th. The colours are pleasing me, so that's all that matters x

And finally my suggestion to the weather man tomorrow is... rain rain go away, come back another day, for we all want to play

Have a superb week wherever you are xox


  1. Hi Penelope!!!
    Lovely post as usual! Looking forward to seeing that blanket finished! Blankets are such a marathon aren't they!!!!!
    Sorry to hear your weather is terrible, do you want to know that it's stunning here? Oh my, I can't get enough of the sun after six months of depressing greyness! I'll send you some sunshine via my thoughts!
    have a lovely week,
    love Alice and Raymond XXX

  2. Oh, and your Debbie Bliss man beanie looks great! he will love it!

  3. I love the stickers - and the candy grannies. :)

  4. Lovely projects. Sorry your skies were so grey. I hope for sunshine for you tomorrow.

  5. And there was I fantasising about the East Sussex coast to get me through the Norfolk gloom! I find a good radio play or audio book gets me hooking away when it all seems too tedious. Where did you get your Greengate things? I love the fabrics having got a bit bored with the ubiquitous Cath Kidston now but can't find a stockist round here. Glad you are feeling happier now, love Penny xxx