Monday 22 November 2010

Weekend happiness

A big hello and warm welcome to all who dip into my little world. It's ever so good to meet all you like minded people out there.

Well, this past weekend was gloriously busy and full of family and friends and art and design and a wee bit of needle clicking and hookin' too. We went along the coast to Brighton, where Mr. A was born and bred, we are so fortunate to have his mum living there so we can go away for weekends at a time.

I had the joy of going to Made 10 the annual pre-christmas Brighton design and craft fair on Saturday afternoon which was fabulous, so good to meet some of the artists and designers in person.

I only bought a couple of brooches as most things were fairly pricey but I got huge inspiration which is for FREE and this for me often is the best part of these fairs!

Brighton is a vibrant exciting city with an eclectic mixture of people. I love the north lanes which is more on the creative, bohemian side and when we used to live here we always hung out in the cafes and pubs and markets around these lanes.

I thought these were fun in a window display of a "paint your own" ceramics shop.

My favourite was finding these knitted seagulls in the window

How brilliant are these gulls! If you have ever been to Brighton you will know all about the seagulls that frequent the town from the beach and I couldn't help but take a real liking to these gulls of the knitted variety {scarf and all!!}.

They are made by the brilliant Cardigan of Brighton who also had a great display at the design and craft fair which I attended. Have a look at Kate's website, it's full of amazing crochet art and design.

As for me and my hooky adventures, I managed to sqeeeeeze some in, between all the activities of the weekend and unfortunately can only give you a little peek as the weather and light is foul this afternoon. So, hopefully in the next couple of days I might be able to give you all ta da moment.

Such a bad photo, I'm sorry but as I said it's virtually impossible to get a picture on these grey days.

I'll leave you with a pretty pic I took on Saturday morning... on my walk into town and look forward to reading your blogs and cross fingers bring you more of my creative completes!

Have a beautiful week where ever you are xox


  1. hello Penelope!!!!!
    Glad you had a lovely time! it looks like such a fun place to be! All those stalls and lights, I loved the painted skulls, they were groovy!
    Hope you get some good light soon.... otherwise, my new trick is using the "auto adjust" on my laptop when I upload and crop pictures, it's quite amazing the difference, and for the granny tea cozy tutorial all of my pictures turned out too dark to use... thank goodness for the auto adjust! It made them perfect!
    Your pillow looks sweet and lovely

  2. I'd love to visit Brighton - it looks so relaxed and chilled out. LoViNg! that cool pink front door!!! :)

  3. Lovely pictures Penelope, I totally agree about the inspiration being so great at craft fairs.
    I would love to by loads of beautiful handmade things but that is not possible at the moment so it is great just to look and soak up the prettiness :0)

  4. Can't wait to visit Brighton, it looks so much fun! But then return to nice genteel Bexhill of course! If you pop over to Planet Penny you will find you have an award! lots of love, Penny x

  5. Hej Penelope

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog always. Life has been rather hectic just recently...I seem to be permanently living out of a suitcase. I hope you are keeping well and you are soo right, we all need COLOUR in our lives. I LOVE the pink door!
    I've attempted to make the crochet bunting...BUT I made one triangle and need to start again...I think it's not quite right...
    You are so clever at all your lovely crafty things you make/sew/crochet.
    Brighton looks wonderful as ever.
    FAB place!
    Have a great week ahead

  6. Love the knitted seagulls, really cute idea :)

  7. What a lovely weekend you had. I love mooching at craft fairs there are so many very talented people about. And looking is free!