Wednesday 3 November 2010

My many coloured days

Hello everyone. How is your week been so far? I hope it's been full of autumnal goodness for the north and spring surprise for the south.

Today I am going to use photos more than words as I am a little lost for words at the moment, unlike me really but I haven't been myself these last few days and am having a little time off work for respite and recovery. The good thing is that I am on the mend and will soon be my colourful self.

Alice has this amazing book a wonderful friend of mine bought for her when she was wee and it arrived via USA amazon so the word colour is written as color, something Alice and I have had numerous discussions about when she has her spelling tests! The point of this post is that it discribes me beautifully at the moment. Not sure if you agree but I think there is nothing like Dr. Seuss for times like these.

Children's books are gloriously clever and I buy them for myself at various intervals. Now for some of the pages...

Sorry, hope this is not getting you down ... there are of course stunning bright coloured days...

And my favourite ...

It's a great book and says it all. I already feel better for just looking at it ;0)

I find my yarn, crochet and knitting love such therapy at times like these and so I will share my pompom stripy purple hat that I have just knitted for Alice which she loves xox

I must say I took great joy in making a pom pom, simple pleasure.

knitting in progress

and here it is....ta-dah

Sorry about the poor light but it's getting dark ever so quickly here now that the clocks have changed. It's super snuggly and made from the alpaca and merino yarn I bought on saturday (see my last post)

Well, thats all folks, keep well and healthy. I'll leave you with a pretty rose that I found blooming in one of my potted roses last week. So delicate and perfect and fragile xox


  1. Penelope, big blog hugs to you across the miles. What a lovely post, so sweet, so honest, just so lovely to read. I do love your pink page, and yes, there are days we feel a bit brown and purple. Therapy is my craft also, I just love to close my day with a little hooking or knitting. It completes the day for me. Thank you for sharing your lovely post. I do love the beanie for Miss Alice, just lovely colours. Your rose is very pretty, I can almost smell the sweet perfume from here. May tomorrow bring you a lovely pink day. Bless.

  2. How kind of you to comment on my blog. Thank you so much.
    You can never have enough Frida Kahlo and I'm becoming just a little obsessed with her at the moment.

  3. Sorry to hear you're feeling low Penelope.... you just let that sadness flow through you like a river and take good care of youself. We always try to push it away don't we? We push those uncomfortable feelings back down deeply inside us.... it's popping up to be released into the hand of love I'm sure....
    The hat looks fab and that really is the best bit of winter isn't it? (the only good bit in my opinion!!!!!) Wearing all our handmade goodies! Alice is such a beautiful girl.
    I prescribe much wool shopping then afternoons of knitting and crochet and cake to lift your spirits and fill you with joy once more
    Many healing thoughts to you from Alice and Raymond XXX

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  5. Hi Penelope,
    That's great to be here, reading your lovely words and enjoying a very beautiful blog. I think I could share your feeling, sometimes I fall into purple too, but we all have time, right? Time will take our sadness away, and hope it does very quickly, we will feel better and better,...
    Your beanie looks great, also your so nice Alice!
    By the way, thanks for leaving sweet comments on my blog, how meaningful to me!
    Take loads of care,
    All the best,

  6. So sorry you've been feeling low, I hope you are on the up now. That book is wonderful. I haven't come across it before but it really says it all when colour is part of your life as it is ours. We need all the colour we can get on these gloomy days! I am trying to write a post about this very thing at the moment in fact! Lots of love Penny x