Tuesday 16 November 2010

A royal weekend break

Hello all of you lovelies our there, it's been great to read your blogs, to meet some new people too and of course to stay in contact with my "daily reads". I must also say a huge thank you for your comments about my bunting and bay windows, I just took great delight in reading them all.

Now, back to this past weekend. Mr. A and I had a night in London on Sunday night and we left our Alice in the capable hands of her twin friends Katie and William's parents. A little bit of "What Katie did" and "Just William" went on in 24 hours and I know Alice thrived on all the fun. Guilt trip over.... we then got ourselves on a train up to Covent Garden, a favourite place for us to stay in the city.

We decided to walk from Victoria Station via Westminster as I have to see Big Ben when I go to London (I think it's because I am not British born and bred and still feel like a tourist when I go to London) 

It was a bit grey and grim but never mind I was still excited to be there. These photo's were taken on my mobile phone camera and I must say the quality seems OK.

Now, the reason we went to London was to go here

have you guessed where it is yet....maybe this will help

Yes, it's the Royal Albert Hall which was the most magnificent experience words cannot describe, I feel so privileged to have seen this orchestra there

The Cinematic Orchestra are my gorgeous hubby's favourite at the moment and he has seen them twice before, I have heard their music um teen times as the CD's are often on the go but WOW they are even more incredible in the flesh. Have a look at the you tube video below this post to experience some of their genius. I have deep love for their spectacular spectacular right now. Hope you enjoy xox

It was great to wake up on Monday morning, potter around Covent garden shops

Mr. A walking past my favourite make of shoes' FLY London shop, ....hmmm that told me something. No shoe purchasing for Penelope! The shoes are a little pricey so I'll wait for the sales as I am sure to get a bargain (or 2!)

These were great fun, I tried them on and felt avant garde and eccentric, sadly not purchased but momentarily enjoyed.

Coffee in Covent garden whilst listening to a string quartet, admiring the christmas baubles and market stalls opening up

and then back home on a 2 hour train journey to the sea side and in time to fetch Alice from school. And, to keep me cosy on the streets of London, a super chunky new scarf knit up happened 48 hours before we went away xox

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and that the beginning of your week is going just fine and dandy xox


  1. Fab Penelope! Lovely to have you back!
    I loved seeing those pics of London! karen lived in London for years during her twenties and its fun to see where she was all the way back then!!
    Those shoes were lustworthy..... I'm not surprised you had to have a try-on!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Found your blog through another blog. just love it.

  3. Love all your pics, they're wonderful!
    Please drop by my blog to take your award!
    Have fun!

  4. It looks like a wonderful weekend. I am English born and bred and I still feel like a tourist when I go to London! We have a shoe shop in Norwich called Imelda's and I saw just those shoes there the other day, they are gorgeous!