Friday 12 November 2010

The big C word i.e. Christmas

Hello gorgeous people, today I will not be complaining about our weather for fear of boring you to tears. Instead I bring greetings of peace, love and joy for tis the season to be jolly (well almost the the window displays in shops are telling me). So I have decided to go FESTIVE and to mark this occasion some bunting / garland needed to be hooked to help me cope with that darn candy granny blanket!

My inspiration came from the very clever Penny over at Planet Penny who devised this gorgeous cotton snow white pattern herself and one which I hooked up in no time and took great delight in making. Do look at her blog for inspiration and colour fixes xox

So now for a little ta dah moment, first the blocking which I really take displeasure in doing until I realise what a difference it makes. I also sprayed some of my Dylon starch spray over these beauties to make them as stiff and crisp as possible.

Just pretty and lacey and 'christmassy' and as white as the pure snow, I love them. You can find the tutorial for these on her blog if you fancy giving them a try.

Mr. A and Alice and I decided we needed 7 for our front bay window 2 by 3 by 2 to fit these blank looking sash windows

{I have just noticed my shadow in the window whilst taking this photo, my lovely 90+ year old neighbour Nellie popped her head out the door and thought it most curious that I was taking a photo of the house. I didn't tell her it was for my blog as she would have thought that as even more bizarre!} 

I usually hang pretty homemade colourful bunting up in the spring and summer and didn't realise how much I miss it, and how boring our front room window looks in the winter.

So from boring looking to slightly more seasonal, festive looking....ta dah

Alice and I love them so far but will Mr. A notice them when he comes home in the dark tonight? Sssshhh we like tricking him and take a bet on how long it will take before he notices them (it's a girly conspiracy thing, hee hee).
As the festivities start an exponential rise here from about December the 1st, I am sure a few more tasteful beauties will be placed in our bay window which I will reveal in the next few weeks.

Until them, have a great weekend, I will look forward to perusing your blogs later tonight, but for now I'm late, I'm late for an important date i.e. tea and cake with a new friend xox


  1. The garland looks great! Blocking is very tedious but I agree that it can make all the difference.

    Thanks for your comment - baby Gertie mostly gets played with by my little boy now, my eldest, like yours, is mostly interested in craft. But, now Gertie has a new dress, #1 is showing interest again - I can see a fight occurring when she gets home from school this afternoon!

  2. Gorgeous bunting - I have a bay window desperately needing some (although I never knew it 'til I saw yours!).

  3. I'm so excited! It's such a thrill to see something I have designed made up by someone else, it's a first! I'm also excited about your tea with a new friend because I know who it is, and that there is cake! Hope you had a lovely time, Penny xx

  4. Ooooh Penelope love your bunting . It looks perfect in your gorgeous bay window :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. The bunting is just lovely! Well done! I love your bay window.... the bunting makes it lovely and christmassy!
    It's the perfect spot to craftify your home really!
    have a lovely weekend XXXXX

  6. Hello Penelope

    Your bunting is soo beautiful I LOOVE it!
    It looks fantastic in your bay windows.
    You really have inspired me...I must have a try and crochet some bunting too.
    Your bay windows are wonderful.
    I would love if you would play along in December TUESDAY THROUGH...THE WINDOW, more info. on my blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  7. Love the bunting, it looks so great !! Have a super weekend. It is raining cats and dogs here so I will be crafty.

  8. Gorgeous bunting! You Penelopes are so talented!

    Lovely cake and lovely chat, I look forward to doing it again.

    A New Friend x

  9. So beautiful, love love your bunting! That's great to have it in the lovely windows!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. What a great idea - festive bunting. It makes your window look great from the outside. I can see these white beauties with a touch of silver crocheted in or maybe an ice blue shade. If your Mr A is anything like my Mr C, he won't notice til a rather large hint is given!!!!!!!!!

  11. I am all set to have white bunting by my windows along with some snowflakes. It's lovely to see some up - it's so pretty. Makes me want to get on with it!

  12. Totaly gorgeous. I came here from Patch Penny's Blog !
    We pennies need to stick together - I know of two more... so together we make 5p !

  13. oops sorry that would be Planet Penny's blog !

  14. what a gorgeous idea! Im thinking snowflakes too - ooo so much to make, so little time! Keep up the good work :)